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fantasy roleplay

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Hyphyri sat on a branch.

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Aqua was playing in the river below her "Hi" She called up and waved

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Hyphyri waved back. "Hello!"

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"Whatcha doing?"

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"To the tree? Are you a plant fairy?"

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She shrugged. "I guess you could say that." She fluttered down and grew human sized. "But I think I'm a bit more than that."

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"Wow you can change your size too?"

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She nodded. "Yeah."

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"That's so cool, i can't do that, i just talk to the water, sometimes i can ask it to do things for me"

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She nodded. "That's pretty much what I do with trees."

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"Just trees or can you do that with other plants too?"

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"Plants in general. Weeds are very rude."

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"What do they say?"

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"They are just very insulting. That why the plants wilt, you know. They lose self confidence."

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"That's so mean, lucky for me all i have to deal with is 'I'm a bigger body of water than you are'" She smiled "Sometimes it's like talking to little children" she gigled

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Hyphyri laughed. "Young trees do that, compete and argue. All the others, the wiser and older ones... Well, they gossip. They tell me everyone's secrets that people say while in the trees, because they believe the trees don't have ears."

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"Just lik epeople don't belive the water has feelings"

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"I'm not one of those people. Before getting in I always speak to the water a few minutes, then apologize."

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"I didn't belive you to be one. And it's not just that, sometimes people pee or let thier animals pee in the water." She wisperd in a disgusted voice

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Hyphryi wrinkled her nose. "Ew."

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"I know! it's so inconsideret"

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She nodded. "And not to just the water."

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"No i've heard of people who go on the ground and on plants"

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She nodded. "They appreciate it, though. They take the water from it and throw the rest off.""

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"The plants gain from it, the water doesn't"

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She nodded.

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Aqua giggled "The river likes you"

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Hyphyri laughed. "I'm glad. The plants have seen you before. They like you as well."

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"That's good"

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Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) Monica ran. Tears streamed down her cheecks, and she pumped her legs harder, weaving and dodging thorn and tree. She tried as hard as she could to ignor the desparate cries of her father and mother. Her hair wipped in the wind, and her tiara glinted in the moonlight.
Grief filled her entire body, but she knew she was doing this for her family's own welbeing; she was too powerful...
Moncia, the warrior princess, jumped over a log and then launched herself into the air, into the unknown...into the mist of the Twilight Forest.

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((Very well written.))

"Someone's coming."

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Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) Flying had always calmed Monica, but this time it did no justice. A branch slapped her face and she flew higher, until she could see Mountain Sword and The Waterfall.
Why did I leave? Because I was too powerful, would've destoryed the palace. It was a habbit of her's to answer her own questions. Ah, that looks like a good place to rest. The tears had stopped streaming so furiously, and when her feet touched soil, they were completly gone.

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Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) ((hello?? Anyone?))

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((Not sure what to say to that.))

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Kataury Chiv yawned as he strolled through the forest. Taking his time to observe his surroundings.

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Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) ((Is that why your name is Not?))

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((No. It's because in the name field I said "Not Telling" because as far as I'm concerned, no one needs to know my name.))

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Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) Monica wandered around for a bit, exaiming the forest. It was the dark, crowded, mytserious kind of forest filled with mist and gnarled tree trunks. She found a tree root that was naturally shaped somewhat like a chair. She sat down, leaned her tired head aginst the smooth trunk, and tried to fall into slumber.
Unfortunaly, she failed.

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"It's okay" Aqua soothed the water

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Anna (annajade) | 44 comments Krystal sun and Crystal Moon were nearby floral sun was there as well

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Janeen-san  (misswannareadalot) A twig snapped, and Monica sat up. Something's out there!

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Anna (annajade) | 44 comments "Floral can you try to be a little quieter." said Crystal
"Sorry I didn't mean to."

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Hyphyri turned her head, hearing someone.

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"Whos there?" Aqua called out

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Anna (annajade) | 44 comments "oh no"said crystal"someone heard us!"
"just stay quiet or else they'll find us"said krystal sun

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Vinelin was running as fast as she could. She was sick and tired of her family for being mean to her just because she didn't have wings. Then she heard voices and stopped. "Who's there!" she yelled.
((I hope that's okay.))

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((It's great))

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Anna (annajade) | 44 comments "crystal?did you say something?"asked floral
"no. I didn't."replied crystal worried
"I think theres someone over there"said krystal

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