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John Wyndham/John Benyon Harris

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Karen Kewell Currently re-reading the complete works, and am thrilled to find I appreciate these novels even more.

Wyndham was a superb story-teller who has left us a brilliant literary legacy, that sadly has become marginalized as old-fashioned Science Fiction.

With the exception of The Day of the Triffids, Midwich Cuckoos, and perhaps The Chrysalids, his works are not well-known to the modern reader, and those books are probably known because they were adapted to film.

Wyndham's masterful approach to story-telling is marked by his character-driven, dialogue-rich, articulate revelation of plot, subsequent to his characters. The fantasy never overwhelms the human reaction, a technique that lends a believability to the fantastic.

I wish more readers would scout out this author's impressive body of work, to discover, not only the source of most of modern Science Fiction (a designation that Harris abhorred), but also, a reminder that genre need not preclude any of the elements of literature, but can offer stimulation and creativity, and never stale.

Aethelberga I've got to agree. Wyndham is one of my favourite authors. I find his short stories dealing with time travel & alternate universe scenarios especialy interesting.

Gerd I've got to admit that I'm one of those people that probably wouldn't have taken much notice of Wyndham's writing if it hadn't been for the movies.
*bows head in shame*

Bigal-sa Aethelberga wrote: "I've got to agree. Wyndham is one of my favourite authors. I find his short stories dealing with time travel & alternate universe scenarios especialy interesting."

My favourite of his short stories is one on time travel called Pawley's Peepholes, where folks from the future come have a look at how we live.

Indie e-books He's one of my favourite authors too :) Incredibly imaginative and I love(d) how he didn't need 400 pages to tell a great story.

Gary Bonn Wyndham is one of my favourites. My children have read and appreciated a fair amount of his work too. He's certainly not marginalised in my circles

Richard My wife is teaching Triffids at the moment.

Chocky is my favourite

Jonathon Fletcher I'm currently reading all his books, having previously only seen the films or heard radio dramas. I love his writing style. I was amazed by the horror and grimness of Kraken Wakes and it's familiar echoes of global warming. I can't understand why this story has never been made into a film? The terror of what lies beneath the oceans is truly chilling. I'm currently reading Chrysalids and will post a review when done. Amazing author.

Bonnie I read most of Wyndham’s novels in the 80’s but had a hard time finding The Kraken Wakes. I finally found a used copy and read it a few years ago. It was tough reading because I found the old fashioned stylized British-ness of the speech patterns off-putting. I did enjoyed the novel overall, though.

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