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message 1: by Kyle (last edited Jan 18, 2008 09:22AM) (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 11 comments Mod
he's jeremy shipp, author of vacation, a first novel getting pretty good reviews. feel free to fire away at a live subject of our discussion!!


message 2: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy (jeremycshipp) | 2 comments Thanks for the intro, Kyle! I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone may have--especially if they're yard gnome related.

-Jeremy :)

"Shipp's clear, insistant voice pulls you down into the rabbit hole and doesn't let go."
--Jack Ketchum

"[Vacation] is an intriguing, challenging, literate, provocative novel I'm not sure I understand and suspect I'm not meant to… I recommend it to those who find reality boring; it may make them see it in new ways."
—Piers Anthony

message 3: by Kelsey (last edited Jan 18, 2008 01:40PM) (new)

Kelsey (kelseym) | 6 comments Mod
Welcome Jeremy!

I'd also like to welcome another debut novelist to our group: Ed Park, author of PERSONAL DAYS which will be published by Random House on May 13, 2008. Ed is a founding editor of THE BELIEVER and also a contributor to many major publications including the New York Times Book Review, the LA Times Book Review, Salon, The Boston Globe, and other places. I have read and respect his thoughtful book reviews so I was pleased to see that he has fiction coming out and I gently asked (pleaded? :) with him to join this group.

As we continue to grow this group I hope we can arrange scheduled book discussions and hope that Personal Days will be the topic of an upcoming discussion!

Here is the titillating description of Personal Days "a comic novel about a group of office workers who suspect there is a mole in there group." Hmmm...sounds good. Thanks Ed for joining :)

message 4: by Dianne (new)

Dianne Ascroft | 1 comments Hi everyone! I'm a debut novelist too - but I don't actually know anyone else on the group yet to be introduced by them. So I thought I'd jump in and introduce myself. My first novel, 'Hitler and Mars Bars' in an historical fiction set in Second World War Germany and post war Ireland. Against the backdrop of the Irish Red Cross aid project, Operation Shamrock, it's the story of a German boy brought to Ireland to recover from the deprivation experienced during the war. He grows up in a string of foster families and finds a wealth of experiences as he grows and matures. It's a story about people and the triumph of the human spirit.

Dianne Ascroft, 'Hitler and Mars Bars'

message 5: by ASJ Publishing (new)

ASJ Publishing (asjpublishing) | 1 comments Hi Everyone

I am new here and also a debut novelist.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that my debut novel, The Chosen was released recently by POD by my publishers Amira Press.

Take a moment to check out the excerpts on my website and if you like the book, please encourage others in your network to check out my book or go online to

Kind Regards


message 6: by Ilyn (new)

Ilyn Ross (Ilyn_Ross) | 3 comments Hello Kelsey, Kyle, Dianne, Chris, Jeremy, and everyone,

I self-published Reason Reigns on May 14, 2008. Here is the link:

Thank you. Have a fine Sunday and a Happy Thanksgiving.

message 7: by Cori (new)

Cori Crooks | 1 comments Hi everyone! My name is Cori Crooks and my debut is an "art memoir" titled, "Sweet Charlotte's Seventh Mistake". Released December o8 with Seal Press.

"Sweet Charlotte’s Seventh Mistake, is a collection of essays, poetry, vintage images, art, and documents that tell of the complex relationship Crooks had with her dead, drug addict, con-artist mother. Throughout the memoir, Crooks comes to terms with her past as an abandoned child, and explains the losses of her 6 older siblings while discovering the true identity of her own biological father. All of these haunting elements combine to tell a multi-layered story about identity, grief, and the consequences of truth."

I'd love to make some friends here on Goodreads... and if you check out my book- I'd love to hear what you think!


message 8: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Blake | 3 comments Hello everyone. Nice to meet you. I'm new to Goodreads & also a new memoir writer. My memoir, "No Child Left Behind? The True Story of a Teacher's Quest" by Elizabeth Blake is about the joy I found while teaching inner-city students, & the obstacles I fought (gangs, drugs, abusive principals, shootings, murders, a riot, etc.)
You can read reviews & the 1st page at my website. It's on the Right side column.
Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself & my book.

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