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Shona (beamfrost) 1: Wicked! Jilly Cooper
(good read especially for holidays. Follows a head teacher who joins a failing school in a bad area of town. She fights against the council to try and ensure that the children get the best start in life that they can but it is a hard battle. Whilst trying hard at imroving the school she goes through a complicated romance.)

2: Chart Throb: Ben Elton
(Funny read. Mocks TV shows such as X-facter and pop idol. Takes us through the process of what happens on a series of a music talent show. The host decides that the Prince of Wales will be the winner of the show and it follows the show to determine how this would happen.)

3: Semiotics the basics: Daniel Chandler
(A university book looking a semiotics and how to anaylse images. Quite interesting.)

4: Their Miracle Chld: Gill Sanderson
(A woman returns to divorse her husband and get some closure in her life only she finds that she is a Mother to a 4 year old child. She ends up staying with her husband as a way to get to know her daughter. One thing leads to another.)

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Shona (beamfrost) 5: The Tenth Circle: Jodi Picoult

(Follow the struggle that Trixie a 14 year old has when she is raped at a party. The rapist dies and the police thik she has murdered him. But has she?)

6: P.S. I Love You: Cecelia Ahern

(Holly is made a widow after her husband dies of a brain tumour at a early age. For a year after his death she recieves a letter from him on the first day of the month telling her to do something.
the book is so much better than the film. In fact the film is very very loosly based on the general idea of the book and as much as i like the film i would have prefered to have had it follow the book a bit closer. I am glad i saw film first and read book second, to do it the other way round would ruin the book.)

7: Damaged Goods: Helen Black

(A grippping read that concentrates in Lilly who is trying to help a suicidal teenager in care fro, being prosecuted with the murder of her ow mother. It is a real page turner and a book you want o read in one go.)

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Shona (beamfrost) 8: Nineteen Minutes: Jodi Picoult

(Follows the case of a teen who went to school and shot dead many of his bullies.)

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Shona (beamfrost) 9: Coming up next: Penny Smith

10: The Almost Moon: Alice Sebold

11: Trust me I'm a (juniour) Doctor: Max Pemberton

12: The Murder Game: Beverly Barton

13: Screwed: The truth about life as a prison officer: Ronnie Thompson

14: My best friends life: Shari Low

15: Flesh house: Stuart MacBride

16: The dying game: Beverly Barton

17: Silent sisters: Jennt Tomlin

18: Second Glance: Jodi Picoult

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Shona (beamfrost) 19: Thanks for the memories: Cecelia Ahern

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Shona (beamfrost) 20: Keeping Faith: Jodi Picoult

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