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message 1: by Jess (last edited Mar 08, 2008 04:13AM) (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments I love this idea,means I keep track of all the books I read too.Im going to set a goal of 75 books and hopefully exceed that.

Edit 08/03/08:This may be seen a cheating but Im lowering my challenge to 50 books.I may still read 75 books this year but having that amount as a challenge is really taking the fun out of reading.

message 2: by Jess (last edited Feb 21, 2008 10:58AM) (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments January

1)The Year of Living Famously-Laura Caldwell
2)Boy Soldier-Andy McNab
3)Skeleton Key-Anthony Horowitz
4)The Forest Wife Trilogy-Theresa Tomlinson
5)The Constant Princess-Philippa Gregory
6)Can You Keep A Secret?-Sophie Kinsella
7)Ballet Shoes-Noel Streatfield
8)Lost in Austen-Emma Cambell Webster

message 3: by Jess (last edited Mar 05, 2008 03:49AM) (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments Febuary

9)The Other Boleyn Girl-Phillipa Gregory
10)The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic-Sophie Kinsella
12)The Diplomats wife-Pam Jenoff
13)Legally blond-Amanda Brown

alisonwonderland (Alison) | 42 comments i'm reading this one right now! it's my first Phillipa Gregory book.

message 5: by Jess (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments its a very... interesting read LOL .I have to say I enjoyed 'the constant princess' much more

message 6: by Jess (last edited May 09, 2008 06:55AM) (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments March/April

14)The Last Legion-
15)The queens pirates
16)Shopaholic abroad-Sophie Kinstella
17)shopaholic gets married-Sophie Kinstella
18)Victoria and the rouge-Meg Cabot

message 7: by Jess (last edited May 26, 2008 12:47PM) (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments May

19)Introduction to Ancient Greece-
20)All American Girl-Meg Cabot
21)The Princess Diaries(I)-Meg Cabot

message 8: by Jess (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments June
22)The Princess Diaries(II)-Meg Cabot
23)The Princess Diaries(III)-Meg Cabot

message 9: by Jess (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments 24)Queen Of Babble In The Big City-Meg Cabot
25)Johnny Be Good-Paige Toon
26)An offer you cant refuse-Jill Mansell

message 10: by Jess (new)

Jess (jessgradenn) | 34 comments 27)Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-Ann Brashares
28)Out Of The Blue-Belinda Jones
29)Be Careful What You Wish For-Alexander Potter
30)The Last Summer of you and me-Ann Brashares
31)White Rebel Rose-Janet Paisley
32)Defey the Eagle-Lynne Bartlet

I havent updated in 5months and I know Ive read more than 6 books in that time.I just caint for the life of me remember what they where...

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