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a summary please

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message 1: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 4 comments ok. i found this group because i'm interested in gathering a comprehensive list of literary prizes, along with a list of winners over the past decade or so...anyone already done this? anyone else care?

message 2: by Jennie (new)

Jennie | 1 comments I think a list would be helpful too. When I want to see a list, I usually google the list I want to see (Nobel winners, Pulitzer prize winners, etc). is there somehow we could keep a document on the site that would be big enough to include some of the major prize lists?

message 3: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 4 comments yeah. and a little calendar that kept us in touch with upcoming award dates so we could discuss who's nominated, etc...

message 4: by Conrad (new)

Conrad | 45 comments Mod
What a great idea! Once we assemble a master list of the current prizes, we could just start a thread that has all of them, and bump the thread when appropriate. Or if the list of prizes is shorter, we could just stick it in the group description.

Sorry I'm tardy to this thread, Kyle - work's been crazy.

message 5: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) | 4 comments no problem! that's the beauty of these discussions is that they continue whenever someone is ready eliminating the intrusiveness associated with other types of discussions! so i'll begin some basic research and post my info, then all of you can add to it, and, when you can, conrad, since you are administrator, you can organize the discussions into folders, naming each folder for a prize, with a date or something like that....we'll figure it out.

message 6: by akaellen (new)

akaellen | 1 comments there is a good start on lists/prizes here

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