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Clark Lets Role play Evil style! :)

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((oops, srry!))

xXRossiya AruXx (biggestanimegeek) | 47 comments ((hi!!))

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Morgen | 75 comments Mod
((OK!!! which characters?))

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Clark anyyyyy

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Morgen | 75 comments Mod
((ok!! we need setting!!! how about the pyramid midnight sun place!!! (even though it burns down... we'll have it before that...))

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Clark k

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Morgen | 75 comments Mod
Ms. Mauvais leaned over Benjamin's cold and lifeless body.
"Friends, why are we gathered here today? To celebrate ETERNAL LIFE!" she shouted, and the crowd let out a cheer of agreement.
"Now, before we sacrifice this child in the name of science, lets start with birthdays. Dr. L, how old are you turning today?"

((we need dr.l!!))

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Clark "I am 389 years old today, a bit young but at least I look it! Well lets get on with it!"Said Dr.L

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Morgen | 75 comments Mod
"alright, no need to be hasty, what do you think is going to happen, Pietro is going to come in and interrupt us or something?" she said jokingly, but with a harsh edge to her words.

at the mention of Pietro Dr. L's face paled.

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