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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim | 362 comments Mod
Ok, I have five minutes to write something here... I've been reading this again on my walks with the dog. Yes, I can read and walk at the same time, but it's been too cold till now! I backtracked a bit and re-read the bit about how art was part of our culture before and now it's not, now we are looking for reasons to make art. I do think that art is part of who you are and therefore part of your culture, but also part of who you have become and who you are in the moment. I have changed countries twice now, from the U.S. to France, to The Netherlands and I do see the influence of each culture on my work. In a way I think it is inevitable. For one, I work with natural light and light is different in different places (but that's not culture, that's environment...). Still, my interpretation of that light is based on who I am and what I feel like at that given moment. I began painting food because France inspired me about it. Grisaille and Old Masters techniques partially because of it's influence in this country (and partly because I had a great opportunity to learn about it!). How do you guys feel your environment has affected your art or how you see art? Or how does who you are influence your work or how you see art? Is there a connection? Does it change moment to moment or are you able to keep your original feeling about a work and maintain it till the end of the piece?

Ok, my five minutes are up and I must go walk the dog and off to bed! Ciao!

message 2: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 30 comments Interesting questions. I think for one thing that I feel limited by not seeing much of what is happening in other cultures today. Or even in the past. Exposure is limited to what I have access too. The internet helps with that a little

But I still think the culture/locale is the inspiration but it is the WHOLE of the person that makes the art.

message 3: by Kim (new)

Kim | 362 comments Mod
Terri, you are surrounded by other cultures! Ok, they're Americanized, but they're there. But it is different being in situ that's for sure. Even if you don't speak the language so well!

I agree with the whole gestalt way of thinking. It is the whole person making the art, but I think we can have a tendency to compartmentalize and also to dismiss what is important to us in exchange for what is important or interesting to others or what we think might make us look clever or interesting to others when it is what is in front of our faces, our lives, our personal meanings that give our art integrity. I should say some, because not all of us do this. Musn't generalize. I just see this in a lot of art these days. On the other hand maybe what is important to us is what others are thinking and that could lead to all sorts of interpretations! LOL

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