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Hey, SoD the Librarian

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There are two identical (nearly?) entries for the hardcover of John Farris's SACRIFICE. Not sure who I'm supposed to alert, so I'm alerting you. :)

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The entry with the ISBN ending 577 is the U.K. edition from Severn House.

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Oooh. And I'm supposed to know that? :)

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Um, yeah!

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Thanks for your help. You are the best goodreads librarian evah!

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How hard was it to become a librarian? I've added dozens of limited hardcovers, but can't edit books not created by me.

Take a look at:

The author is listed as VERNON, STEVE instead of STEVE VERNON. Maybe I'm odd, but I like all authors listed in the same way.

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I can't get to the link to sign up anymore because it is no longer available to me, but I don't think theres any real criteria, I don't know that anyone would be turned away.

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Oh, and I changed that listing to STEVE VERNON so you can sleep easy tonight :)

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SoD is our goodreads GoD.

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