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Border Roads by Sarah Black published

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I'm so excited about my book being published! I wanted to tell you because my friends and family are starting to pretend their cell-phone minutes are used up when I call to discuss it again.
I love this book- It's being published by Loose ID, and they are a romance publisher, but they are takig a chance on it, and me, because it really isn't romance.
The story follows a group of Marines coming home from Iraq and settling in the Sonoran Desert, Ajo, Az. The two main characters are gay, and there's lots of sex, so everyone labels this as a gay erotic romance, but I think it's more and better than just that label. Anyway, I'm proud of the story, it's strong. If you want to read an excerpt, the link is

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Heather (adorabubbles) | 9 comments that looks interesting. congratulations, sarah!

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thanks, Heather

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