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message 1: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (kellyjcm) Hello! I have been following some of the discussions on this site for a while now. I have always wanted to join a book group, but for some reason never have. I figured that I am on goodreads enough already, I can certainly contribute to the group!

Anyway, I currently work as a middle school librarian. I am a former English teacher (which is why I have so many YA novels on my shelf). Although I know it is not possible to put every book I've ever read on goodreads, I certainly seem to be giving it a good try! I am excited to create a "book-group" shelf and begin adding titles.

message 2: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckyofthe19and9) Welcome Kelly! Now I know who to go to if I need a good YA rec! ;)

message 3: by Atishay (new)

Atishay | 1451 comments Welcome Kelly!

message 4: by Hayes (new)

Hayes (hayes13) Hi Kelly!!

message 5: by Lisa Julianna (new)

Lisa Julianna (lisajulianna) | 1053 comments Hi Kelly, Welcome to the group!!!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Welcome to the group!

message 7: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10124 comments Mod
Hey Kelly, thanks for introducing yourself!

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