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The lady in the portrait...

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Gabriele Wills (muskoka) | 36 comments Mod
... is Nancy Astor, painted in 1909 by by John Singer Sargent. Nancy, an American, married Waldorf Astor, an American-born British aristocrat who became Viscount upon his father's death in 1919. Nancy, now Lady Astor, managed to win his seat in Parliament (as he had moved up to the Lords), so she was the first woman to sit in the British House of Commons. In my novel, Elusive Dawn, we dine with the Astors. : ) -

message 2: by Suvi (last edited Apr 14, 2009 10:06AM) (new)

Suvi (orpheusbooks) Sargent is one of my favourite painters and now you made me interested in Nancy Astor, too :)

Thanks for inviting me, btw. I hope there will be lots of discussions.

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Gabriele Wills (muskoka) | 36 comments Mod
I expect to read more about Nancy as well, since she is a friend of my characters, and will undoubtedly figure in the next novel as well. : )

Do please start a discussion! People have been putting books online, and I, too, am looking forward to discussions. Am really busy right now, preparing to move in 2 weeks, so I really SHOULD be packing! All my books are ready to go, so I don't have any of those to refer to at the moment.

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Suvi (orpheusbooks) I've been adding a couple but I haven't read all of them yet. Do we count people who were born before 1960s but died after 1960s? Just curious so that I know which biographies and memoirs to add from my shelves.

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Gabriele Wills (muskoka) | 36 comments Mod
I was thinking of people who we associate more with the pre-60's period, but yes, many of them didn't die until much later. Two of the Mitford sisters I'm reading about were still alive when this bio was written in 2000, but they were most famous in their youth - so the 1920s to 1950s.

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Suvi (orpheusbooks) Ok, thanks for clarifying :)

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