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Shelia My goal is 30 books this year! Here's to reading...

message 2: by Shelia (last edited Jan 18, 2008 10:26AM) (new)

Shelia #1 - The Memory Keepers Daughter - I enjoyed this book but I found myself really wanting to know more about Phoebe. What I found interesting is that the one you start out feeling sorry for (Phoebe) is the one who ends up being the shining star...

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Shelia #2 - The secret life of bees - I really enjoyed this book and the strong women that it portrayed. Silent strength and the outspoken strength...both are powerful...

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Shelia #3 - God don't like ugly - Wow was this book intense! What the main character goes thru is mind boggling at times. She's learned to lie to bill collectors and run from the klan before she's 5 and at 7 she starts getting raped by a family friend. Her best friend Rhoda never seems to totally fit the story but she still plays an intricate part in helping her figure out how to get the family friend to stop. A few twists and turns. Towards the end I got really mad because for a brief moment I felt bad for the family friend but once his relationship with the mother is truly revealed, I went right back to thinking he was a booty's heavy for sure but worth the read....

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Shelia #4 - Debutante Divorcee - Keep in mind it's a satire I repeated to myself over and over as shallow person after shallow person was introduced. But then the magical thing happens in a book where you just sorta get sucked in. And you look forward to reading it and look forward to your next free moment. It's very predictable but a sweet story on the fact that love...well it does really prevail.

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Shelia #5 - The Red Tent - This book is based on the story of Dinah in the bible. While I enjoyed the book there were a few areas where the author purposely went the opposite way of what the bible says and that annoyed me a little bit. Overall however, I really enjoyed the book and the strong theme between the women and the various bonds they share as well as their social status was very interesting.

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