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message 1: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) this group looks like fertile ground for an idea: i just started a group (bookswap on goodreads) where readers can post what books they are willing to trade and what books they want in exchange. if there's a match, the two readers could simply mail each other the books.

there is a website called swaptree where a computer does this on a more professional level...but i figured goodreads audience would be captive and interested.

right now i'm willing to trade:
oryx & crake or the emperor's children for many (not all) on my to-read list (179 books)

any takers??

message 2: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kylewilk) have learned a few things over last day or so. first: there are about 8 sites out there for trading books...places like,, paperbackswap, etc. i still like swaptree (better interface and more books). however, i have found my answer: it's called bookswim (only time a banner ad has worked for me). it's the netflix for books....and i think it's going to work for me. check it out.

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