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What is your favorite movie based off of a book.

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message 1: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (missjenna) | 586 comments Mod
There have been so many movies made that were based off of awesome books. Which ones are your favorite?

message 2: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker Mine would definitely be Gone With the Wind. That is my favorite book and movie. To Kill a Mockingbird was also amazing.

message 3: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (missjenna) | 586 comments Mod
Wonderful, I love those movies as well.

message 4: by Jenna (new)

Jenna (missjenna) | 586 comments Mod
When you haven't read the book or seen the movie,which one do you prefer to do first?

message 5: by Tressa (last edited Apr 22, 2009 10:52PM) (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) I have several: The Color Purple; Sophie's Choice; The Accidental Tourist; Bastard Out of Carolina; Brokeback Mountain.

ETA: I prefer to see a movie first. If the movie is good, it will lead me to the book. Even though the movie "spoiled" the book for me, the book usually has extra tidbits of the story that were left out of the movie. So it's win/win for me. But if either are good, it doesn't really matter a whole lot to me.

message 6: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I definitely prefer to read the book first. But there have been times that I saw the movie and then found out that it was a book, so I went back and read the book. There have been very few times that I thought the movie was better, but it has happened.

message 7: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) My favorite would be "Prayers for Bobby" ... it is based off the memoir by Leroy Aarons. It plays on Lifetime. It is so good.

message 8: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 46 comments The Color Purple, The Green Mile, The Princess Bride

message 9: by Adriana (new)

Adriana Jenna wrote: "When you haven't read the book or seen the movie,which one do you prefer to do first?"

I prefer to read the book first before watching the movie, but sometimes I don't know that the movie was based on a book until later. Then I actually read the book and of course i prefer the book better than the movie all the time.

message 10: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) I always read the books first because that is where all the original stuff is.

message 11: by Lori (new)

Lori Walker I've also been amazed the times I've been watching an old movies and have discovered that it was a book. A quick perusal told me that 3 of the movies in my Blockbuster queue were based on books. So I bought two and a half books, which I plan on reading before I move the movie to the head of the line.

message 12: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 46 comments It doesnt matter to me the order. I mean, the book is almost always better so I will enjoy it either way

message 13: by Adriana (new)

Adriana A movie that I love but have not read the book yet is The Memory Keppers Daughter. I cried in the end it was just so emotional.

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