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How does Spirituality Tie into Prosperity?

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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris Lianos | 1 comments Mod
Ok, so I'm 15 pages from the end of The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer, and it is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read on spirituality, consciousness and recognising the thinker behind the thoughts. It got me thinking on how spirituality and prosperity are so closely connected. Now lets be clear, I'm not talking about religion (organised or otherwise) and I'm not talking about cults (legalised or otherwise). Spirituality at its core is a belief in something greater than what you see in the mirror. I know that I feel closest to the universe when I am the most centred, the most 'at peace'. Strangely enough, that is also when I am most effective in my business, my work and my writing. So, what's your experience? Is there a link between spirituality and prosperity?

message 2: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Bolosin | 1 comments Chris, I think there is definitively a link between both. This "feeling" of unity with the Universe happened to me 3 times: first was when I was knocked down by a punch in a karate tournament, second was while experiencing with mild drugs and the third was while meditating and relaxing. Oh! And it also happened when I practiced self-hypnosis. So, I don't know if this feeling comes from the enzymes and connections in my brain or it comes from something else. What matters to me the most is the belief I have. Because every belief I have creates my perception anyways. But let's go back to the subject! I think that if you believe there's something greater than you and you also believe you're a co-creator with that something greater, you can accomplish great things. Simple logic really... It's up to us to determine to what extend do we believe who we "really" are and what we can really accomplish with prosperity.

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