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Kelly H. (Maybedog) (maybedog) I read a book many years ago that was a retelling of the story of Medea from her perspective. It started when she was a teenager and followed her through her life. It depicted the death of her children as being a set up. Any idea what it was called?

message 2: by Terence (last edited Apr 08, 2009 09:01PM) (new)

Terence (spocksbro) I don't know if either of these are what you're thinking of but I've read two reinterpretations of the Medea story:

Christa Wolf's Medea and
John Gardner's Jason & Medeia

Kelly H. (Maybedog) (maybedog) They're not but the Christa Wolf one in particular sounds really interesting. Thank you!

message 4: by Delanie (new)

Delanie | 4 comments There was one called The Dawn Palace by H. M. Hoover. It's a young adult novel.

Kelly H. (Maybedog) (maybedog) THAT'S IT!!! Thank you Delanie, thank you!!!

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Adult version might be Jason by Henry Treece.

Kelly H. (Maybedog) (maybedog) I'll check it out, thanks!

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