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do you guys like the movie?

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I liked the movie. It was so different from the book though. It was exciting and all (of course I can't remember the book that much), but... it was so different.

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I did like the movie: in fact, it attracted me to the book. I have learned not to be bothered by the disparities between a film and the book upon which it is based. It's natural and necessary. I find that I can enjoy book and film equally if I allow each to stand on its own merits, unbiased by the other. Often enough they're so different that they may be called independent, anyway.

Anna M. Watson I agree with you. I thought the movie was fine. And movies are always different from (and usually not as good as) books. That being said, the movie of ...more
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No, it was horrible. Why couldn't they stick to the book?

I usually like books better than the movies. The concept of the book was great, but it was poorly written making it very cumbersome to read. The movie took that concept and ran with it. Although I didn't like some changes, I thought the movie was a much stronger story.

Even if it was a bit different, I enjoyed watching it.

I actually liked the movie pretty well. It was indeed different from the movie, but I think they stuck to the heart of the story. Also, Dustfinger was ABSOLUTELY 100% PERFECT TO HIS CHARACTER which made me reaaaaaaaally happy because he was my absolute favorite.

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I like the movie, but found the absence of many details that were in the books bothered me a little, it wasn't as magical. Many people complain about Cornelia Funke's writing, but you should remember that if you read it in English it is a translated version as she is in fact German. I watched the movie before I read the books, and my thoughts were 'I have to read these!' so that's why I like the movie, it made me realise the books exist.

I didn't like the movie at all. I loved the book though, so I was extremely disappointed. It seemed as though they didn't read the book, only skimmed through it and decided to make a movie based on what they found through only skimming it. It's a shame really, this book had such great potential for becoming a great movie.

I would have enjoyed the movie a lot had I not read all the books first. Not many films that can equal a book though. Only on that surpased the books for me was Lord of the Rings, but that was because I never actually manged to read them.

On the upside, I felt Inkheart the movie was tons better than Golden Compass/Northern Lights

Movie was pretty bad. Why do they always get the ages wrong in the movies? Is it that hard to find an actor that's the right age? Plus they changed sooooo much! I liked the books better.

i hated the movie it wasn't the same at all they ruined the book and missed out the best bits changed it to much none of the characters were believable except from dust finger but i always thought of him with brown hair and Capricorns village wasn't what i expected at all it wasn't as good neither was Capricorns characternone of it was believable bout loved the book

Knowing that it was going to be so much different than the book (they always are...) I thought it to be not horrible. I loved Helena Mirran and while Meggie was not ANYTHING like I'd imagined I think she did well considering. I actually had trouble recognizing Brendon Fraisher as Silvertongue in my mind, it just didn't work for me - I almost wish they had cast someone less known.

The stable scene could have been elaborated and I wish there had been more emotions between Meggie and her mother. I would have loved to see more of this in a sequal, but doubt that will ever happen. :(

It was a good movie, but a lot different from the book. At least it wasn't as bad as The Lightning Thief though

I loved it! Even though they did miss ALOT, the movie was still enjoyable! I think they did a good job with Mo, Dustfinger, Capricorn and his henchmen, Fenoglio, and especially Aunt Elinor. Meggie, they probably could have used someone else. Her accent was good, she just seemed a little... shall I say old? But overall, you have to admit it was a good movie! It was satisfing in the magical realms! :)

someone really needs to do a remake of the movie and do it better, do a justice to the book. an actually DO ALL THREE!!

I didn't like the movie very much. Compared to the book its very different and the actors are pretty bad. Except Dustfinger, i like dustfinger! :)

In a word "Disappointed".

I love Dustfinger in the movie, but Meggie is way too old. In general I think it ia well done, but the problem is they've changed the plot so much that it is a bad movie, I mean in the end DUstfinger is going back into his own world and that is not happening in that book.

Katherine E-J I agree with you on Dustfinger, but I think they did that so they woukdn't have to make it a trilogy. That they coukd just end it there. Sadly... ...more
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