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Taylor | 111 comments Mod
Charries are characters from the book that you roleplay. When you are roleplaying a Charrie you must keep the mindset, mood, traits, and flaws in mind. You must be familiar with the character to roleplay their thoughts, actions, and words. The difference between your character and your Charrie is that your character can be whoever you want them to be . They can have any name, any history, and any personality. Charries have certain things they would say like if my Charrie was Snape I wouldn't say " OK Kiddos, let's go out for some icecream and skip class, and while your at it we can dye my hair pink!".I would have to think of what Snape would say think and do. To have a Charrie you must be approved by a Mod. If you roleplay a Charrie without approval the Mod has a valid reason for deleting your account. Here is a list of all the Open Charries...

•Moaning Myrtle
•The Bloody Baron
•The Gray Lady
•The Fat Friar
•Nearly Headless Nick
•Madam Pince
•Madam Pomfrey
•Madam Hooch
•Argus Filch & Mrs. Norris
•Professor Grubby Plank
•Mad-Eye Moody (the real one, not Barty Crouch, Jr.)
•Professor Umbridge
•Professor Hagrid
•Professor Trelawney
•Professor Snape
•Professor Slughorn
•Professor Flitwick
•Professor McGonagall
•Professor Lupin
•Professor Lockhart (still in St. Mungo's)
•Professor Sprout
•Professor Victor
•Arthur Weasley
•Molly Weasley
•William (Bill) Weasley
•Charlie Weasley
•Percy Weasley
•Fred Weasley
•George Weasley
•Ron Weasley
•Ginevra (Ginny) Weasley
•Nymphadora Tonks
•Sirius Black
•Remus Lupin
•Severus Snape
•Mad-Eye Moody
•Arthur Weasley
•Molly Weasley
•Kingsley Shacklebolt
•Mundungus Fletcher
•Neville Longbottom
•Mr. Longbottom (in St. Mungo's)
•Mrs. Longbottom (in St. Mungo's)
•Mad-Eye Moody
•Kingsley Shacklebolt
•Nymphadora Tonks
•Regulus Black
•Severus Snape
•Bellatrix Lestrange
•Narcissa Malfoy
•Peter Pettigrew
•Stan Shunpike
•Antonin Dolohov
•Crabbe, Sr.
•Goyle, Sr.
•Fenrir Greyback
•Igor Karkaroff
•Sirius Black
•Regulus Black
•Mrs. Black
•James Potter
•Sirius Black
•Remus Lupin
•Peter Pettigrew
•Luna Lovegood
•Padma Patil
•Parvati Patil
•Cho Chang
•Sheamus Finnigan
•Dean Thomas
•Justin Finch-Fletchly
•Zacharias Smith
•Cedric Diggory
•Lavendar Brown
•Zabini Blaize
•Pansy Parkinson
•Millicent Bulstrode
•Lee Jordan
•Colin Creevy
•Dennis Creevy
•Mr. Ollivander
•Madam Rosmerta
•Aberforth Dumbledore
•Madam Malkim
•Tom (the bar tender at the Leaky Cauldron)
•Xenophilius Lovegood
•Madam Maxime
•Viktor Krum
•Fleur Delacour

Please fill out the forum below to apply for any ONE Charrie

Why You Want This Character:
Example of a Roleplay Post:

Thanks, and good luck,
The Mod

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Is anyone hermione?
If not, can I be her. And if it's ok, this is my charrie (just so I don't have to stress it)

Name: Hermione Granger
Age: 12
Why You Want This Character: Because Hermione is a great influence and really reflects my personality: loves to read, quite anti- social, hot headed, brave
Example of a Roleplay Post:
Ron, Harry and Hermione stumbled into the common room. Hermione was smoking with fury. "DO you two realize, seaweed brains, that that was the forbidden corridor? I can't believe I came with you. Now, I'm going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us all killed, or worse, expelled."
Ron: She needs to sort out her priorities.

Harry and ron (screaming) : "Help! This thing is strangling us!"
Hermione (In the same situation but not screaming- staying calm): "Stop moving. The more you struggle, the quicker it's going to kill you."
Ron: "Oh, and that's supposed to be comforting?"
Hermione: "Hush. Let me think. That's right! I've got it! This plant is a devil's snare!"
"Oh, and that's supposed to help us how?" said ron and harry angrily.
"If you'd listen in class, and pay attention, ron and harry, you'd have noticed that Professor Sprout mentioned it in herbology yesterday."

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Taylor | 111 comments Mod
A role play post is something you would say while being Hermione. Such as,

Hermione turned the corner and bumped into Neville. " Oh, I'm sorry Neville!" Hermione said closing her book while Neville stumbled clumbsily toward the opposite wall. " Oh, it's ok. It was my fault" Neville said while blushing and walking hurriedly down the corridor.

Sorry for the late response. I forgot to check this thread. And please post a role play post then you will most likely be approved.

Have Fun and Good Luck,
The Mod!

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Taylor | 111 comments Mod
You are approved to Roleplay as Hermione Granger!
Have Fun,
The Mod!!!

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