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Taylor | 111 comments Mod
You must have a wand to begin using magic, so you need to choose carefully.There are three kinds of wand cores, Unicorn Hair, Dragon Heart String, and Pheonix Feather. Unicorn Hair is the easiest to get along with. It is not likely to preform great dark magic. It will change alliegences easily. Dragon Heart stringesily adapts to Dark Magic and will preform powerful dark magic. Pheonix feather usually had one alligence and one only. It can be very powerful in the Light or Dark Magic.Once you have its alligence, which takes a while, it can preform ver powerful spells. Some wand woods are holly, vine, hawthorn, yew, cherry, chestnut, cypress, dogwood, ash, elder,apple, alder, aspen, beech, blackthorn, black walnut, cedar, ebony, elm, fir, hazel, hornbeam, larch, larvel, mahogany, maple, oak, pear, pine, and poplar. Lenth usually ranges from 8-14 inches. Choose carefully!!!

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River | 1 comments 12.5", Birch with Unicorn Hair

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