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Gigi, The Gray Queen, is ruthless and reckless. She will crush you for everyday fun. She rules using manipulation, seduction, and temptation. Her powers include shape-shifting into personal desires, portals, shadows, and soul sucking. Her sisters are: the Purple, Green, Black, and Blue Queens.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) Name: Gigi

Age: 26

Gender: female

Personality: cunning and devious, ruthless, reckless, loves to toy with people, mystifying, she has a sharp tounge, Won't take 'no' for an answer, won't listen to anyone, and is very stubborn


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Likes: to have power

Dislikes: when someone tells her what to do, to not have power

Powers: shape-shifting into personal desires, portals, shadows, soul sucking.

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