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A large area of space to accommodate the wide variety of dancers within the school. Light is always streaming through the window, bouncing off the walls and making the room appear bright. Music is always emitting from here, ranging from hip hop to classical. It is a place where everybody is welcome. As long as you can dance that is.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory let out a short sigh as she entered the empty dance studio, the sound of her exhale of air echoing throughout the area eerily. Her hair was already pinned back into a tight, ballerina bun, and she was already wearing her leotard and leggings, although had a loose top on, of which she would most probably remove later anyway, seeing as how she began to work up a sweat. She pursed her lips, setting her bag down on the floor and rummaging around in it, before finding her pointe ballet shoes out. Of course they were the typical pale pink colour, and by now she could put them on without even having to look. After going through the process of putting the shoes on, she slipped her ankle warmer on also, before collecting the CD of which she would be warming up to. Before putting it in, however, she stretched out first, not wanting to cause herself injury, before slipping the disk into the player, taking up her position and just....Dancing.

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wanderer (chloemai) She was spinning. Spinning, turning, leaping, bounding. Her moves were like water. Fluid, well rehearsed and it was clear by just the way she made her limbs moved why Rory had earned herself a dance scholarship. She felt as if she were breathing once more. All those worries just simply disappeared. When she was dancing, she was truly herself. Nothing could ever take that away from her. Everything was forgotten, all her focus, all her energy was solely put into the dance at hand, manipulating her body to create a wonderful....Art.

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Will had just finished taking a shower in the locker room after practice and after changing was headed towards the parking lot. He decided to be lazy and not go outside, even if it was nice and was wandering through the halls. Waving and saying hey to people he knew, Will passed by the dance studio to see if the bulletin board announcing other sports would be up. He cocks his head to the side, hearing music. Considering the main dance team was out of town on some big bonding trip he was curious. Letting it get the best of him, as usual, he slowed and peeked in wondering who it was.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory could feel herself building off a sweat now, sighing as she glanced down at herself, stopping momentarily. Of course she paused the music, stripping off the loose fitting top to reveal a simple sports bra. She rewound the music, back to the beginning again, taking up her starting position and jumping into the dance like a duck to water. To some, they would describe her as being made to be a dancer. And at times Rory considered it herself sometimes. Again, she was performing the moves with a strict accuracy ensuring every motion was absolutely perfect.

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Will watched her, impressed. She was good. Really good. He smiles slightly as she strips off her shirt before shaking his head, he couldn't believe she wasn't some kind of famous dancer on a full scholarship some place. That made him all the more curious about her, he not only found her quietness different, for he had a very chaotic childhood as well as growing up, he moved slightly before turning as his phone beeped. Looking down he saw a number flash across his screen, a familiar one enough that he didn't even have it saved as a contact. Spending night with me. Come to my house once done with school. He eyes flicked across the screen before rolling his eyes. His mother had always be to the point. He shrugged slightly before turning back to watch Rory and then he found himself reaching out and opening the door. "Your really good," he says causally with a measured voice although he was seriously curious about this girl.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory watched herself dancing in the mirror. It was a technique she had been taught time and time again, she would be able to pick up any mistakes she was making, perfect them, and make her performance better, improve that slim chance she had of making it in the dancing world. Of achieving her goals, dreams and ambitions. She jumped as the door opened, and a voice broke through that concentration on the music and the dance itself, turning around to see who it was, confusion on her face before her cheeks began to heat until she was a beetroot red colour. "T-thanks." She stuttered, mentally chiding herself as she walked to the stereo, pausing the music before turning back to him. "Hi." She said quietly, not really knowing what else to say.

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Will watches her, her complete and utter focus on her dancing. She reminded him of his baseball. The one thing he took seriously in his life, his only thing that makes him truly happy. He was always confident and relaxed sure, smiling and talking but that doesn't always mean one is happy. That one is living. He is surviving. Doing what he wants and needs, baseball sets his veins on fire. His heart alive, himself alive. He considered dancing being like that for Rory. He smiles slightly and leans against one of the many bars attached to the floor to wall length mirrors. Will watches her for a moment, before grinning. "Hey to you too, why aren't you on the dance team?" he asks curiosity flashing through his eyes mixed with a slightly wary tone. One that suggested he didn't have to tell her if she didn't want it.

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory pursed her lips into a thin line, rocking back on her heels as she looked down at her pointer shoes, crossing her arms over her chest self consciously. She was slowly edging towards the side of the room until sh came to where her t-shirt was strewn across the floor, pulling it back on. She had glad she had decided against wearing her shorts, for a large scar marred her thigh from the accident. And she didn't want rumors going round. She didn't want questions being asked.
She nodded slightly at his words, having now resumed a ballet dancers resting position, looking at him from the other side of the room. She half shrugged at his question, because the truth was, she had been offered many times. She just wasn't ready to become properly social again. She felt as if it would be like betraying Mark. "Not really my thing I guess." She said in response, although another contributing factor to her not attending was her painful shyness. No, not her thing.

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Will nodded, sensing another story he shrugged before watching her with slight amusement as she went to slip her shirt back on. "Well this is a first," he muses slightly before sliding down the wall and bending his knees so her arms rested across them comfortably. "So when'd you start? It must have been when you were little. My step-mom loves dancing, she started when she could walk. Or at least that's what my grandma said," he says trailing off and he reaches up before running a hand through his hair. Lifting his eyes to Rory, he watches her through his lashes before leaning his head back against the wall still watching her. "Do you think you would come over? To eat dinner at my place?" He asked, for some reason he wanted to know her better.

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wanderer (chloemai) ((Now replying. I just typed up my comment and tried to post it, but Goodreads didn't save it.-.-))

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wanderer (chloemai) "A first?" Being as naive as she was, Rory didn't have a clue what he was on about, and in addition to this, she still had her 'dancing brain' on if you will. Nothing really mattered currently except dancing. That's all she could think about. She pursed her lips as she watched him, wide, glaze like eyes watching with hesitant, shy interest as she did so. "Dancing?" She confirmed, letting her eyes rise to the ceiling for a moment as she thought. "I think I was almost 5, 4 and a half possibly. It's so long ago now." She replied with a light shrug of her shoulders, although an expression of shook covered her face at his words. "Y-yours?" Nobody ever invited her round theirs. Nobody ever talked to her. Much less a boy, and a popular, well known one at that. "Your asking me to come round yours for dinner?" She repeated.

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wanderer (chloemai) c:

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I thought I answered thissss...mehh ok I shall do it now! Hehe

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wanderer (chloemai) Woo.:) My Goodreads is playing up, it deleted my message and I just sat there staring at the screen for a good 10 minutes.:'(

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Will watched her amusement flickering through his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. Feeling his phone going off in his pocket, he ignores it and kept his gaze locked on her. "Well that sounds about right. I couldn't dance for my life." He says chuckling before his eyes turn serious. "Yea if you want, you don't have too." Will watches her intently as if looking for something before tilting his head and running a hand over his jean clad legs hears his phone go off yet again.

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Sorry for crap post..getting ready for Easter! Yay!

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wanderer (chloemai) Rory's eyes shot down to his pocket as the sound of his phone going off hit her ears. She pursed her lips for a moment, before letting her gaze return to his, having now stepped back to she was also leaning against the bars on the wall, on the opposite side of the room that was. She looked...Comfortable, in her surroundings. Not the usual quavering girl that you saw in the hall. Here she was confident. Here she could forget all her worries, forget the past and just be...Happy. She let a slight smile pass across her lips at his declaration of being rubbish at dancing, lightly shrugging her shoulders as she pondered over his offer. Should she? It wasn't as if her parents were home tonight. Or any other night for that matter. She was solely alone. She could almost hear her brothers voice urging her to go round in the back of her head. Could hear him telling her to take a risk for once. To do something out of the norm. "I...I guess it'd be alright." She replied quietly before gesturing to his pocket. "You should get that."

((No worries, it wasn't crap.:3 Woo! I've already had all my Easter gifts.:3))

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Will took in her appearance as she moved from the middle of the room to the far wall leaning against the bar, she looked more relaxed happier, shaking his head he smirked back at her before his eyes turned back to their usual goofiness. His grin widens when she says yes and he hops up, Will bows with a deep flourish before straightening and then looks at her again, "we shall depart at once. Well after you get ready and whatever girls need to do." He adds wrinkling his nose and then shrugs. "It's probably just the guys or someone wanting to meet up but I have plans now." He turns serious for a split second. "I don't back out on plans."

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((Haha I did too..well sorta! now I'm going to my cousins house for food Whoo!!!!))

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Espy smiled as she walked into the studio. She smiled. She danced too. And she lied to dance.

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Esperanza finished her classes and packed her things and left

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Espy sighed. She practiced but couldn't help but to keep thinking about Shannon. She sighed and twirled.

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