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Sequel to Islandia
Lbech Lbech (last edited Apr 12, 2013 10:08AM ) Mar 22, 2013 06:12PM
This book inspired me to write a sequel. Wright's characters just got me going. I would not be first and probably won't be the last to be fascinated about what would happen next.
Has anyone else ever wanted to do that and thought about where this story would go and what would happen to John Lang, his family and friends when they actually had to live in Islandia?

Mark Saxton wrote two Islandia novels (The Two Kingdoms and Havoc in Islandia) - both recommended.

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Lbech I haven't read either of these because I was so disappointed with his sequel, the Islar, in which he seemed to have little understanding of the rural ...more
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Joe Ward The Islar is the worst of Saxton's three Islandia prequel/sequels. ...more
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