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Aaron and a whole bunch of other Royals entre.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Your brother is a jackass as usual Takashi."

"Quiet Leon, I'm the only one allowed to insult my brother." Takashi was talking to the Prince of Germany. Even though they had barely come to the Illean palace, they had no problem making themselves comfortable.

A girl with pale skin, dark hair, and blue eyes wrapped her arms around Takashi, "I agree. When is Makoto going to come to his senses and marry me?"

This made Takashi laugh, "When you stop be Russian Natasha." She frowned and decided to set her sights on Aaron. Sitting on top of the unsuspecting boy's lap.
"Hello pretty boy, I don't remember seeing much of you. How come you never play with us?"

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"Ahh Natasha that is where you are wrong. I come to play. You just ignore me' he said with a Charming smile.

Stephany was girl chatting with Ally and Audrey (Holland and Brazil). The three girls had tons in common. They were just waiting for Madeline to show up so they could chat her up as well.

Calaway saw Natasha go time "Sorry Aaron but I've got a Princess to kidnap" he said. He took Natasha's hand, and pulled her off of him. "sweet pea, he is out of your league, but i am so in it" He said with a cocky smile.

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Eml | 2140 comments Natasha grinned a chesire smile, "Nonsense. I could have both of you." She kissed Calaway, which made him pull away in suprise, then before Aaron knew what was happening, she kissed him too. "Aaron darling, why don't you add me to your selection? One more girl won't hurt."

The Egyptian siblings came in, Prince Omari, Prince Zaid and Princess Lotus. Prince Zaid took one look at Natasha and Aaron and shouted, "You whore! I thought you loved me!" Then he walked over and kissed Aaron.

Lotus ignored her brother and walked over to the girls. "Hello Ally, hi Audrey."

Prince Omari went over to speak with Princes Lachlan and Rhys of Australia.

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"oh my throne what it with all this kissing??? Zaid" he growled. He was not the least bit pleased, yet he could not resist a smile.

"THAT is what im talking about!!" Yelled Calaway "yup, you are offically mine" he said to Natasha. He picked her up bridal style, and carried her away. "and im not sharing!" he called back to the others.

"Hey Lotus" said Audrey with a sweet smile.

"what i don't get a 'hi'?" asked Stephany, a tad bit offended. ne e chesno (not fair) she thought.

Ameera and her brother Kol walked in. (Irland) Kol went over to the guys, while Ameera to the girls. "Nice to see yal. been a while" she said to all the girls.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Callie baby, I don't want your sister coming after me when I break your heart." She kissed him anyway as they went into a back room.

Takashi pulled Zaid away from Aaron, "Give the boy a break Z-man, he's still new. You're going to give him culture shock."

Princess Gemma came in looking around for someone, "Has Hans come yet?"

"No!" Both her brothers Lachlan and Rhys shouted. They circled her like standing next to her would keep her apart from the Swedish Prince.

"Oh I'm sorry Stephany, I didn't see you there. How are you?"

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"aww now, thats what we have in common. We both break hearts cupcake." Calaway said with a smile.

"culture shock?" Asked Aaron, not quite sure what he had gotten himself into.

Audrey stood up "i'll be right back" she said. She went over to the 2 Australian brothers. "oh darlings, give your sister a break." she said to them as she took both their hands and pulled them away. "how would you two feel if she guarded you from your girls?" she asked with a to die for smile.

Stephany laughed lightly, surprised by how innocently she replied. Not that she was going to hold Lotus to it. "im quite alright. and yourself' she asked.

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Eml | 2140 comments The best response to Aaron's question was Prince Paolo of Italy and Prince Fredrik of Norway bursting in the room with boxes of alcohol. Paolo called Kol over to help open the keg while Fredrick helped Princess Maria, Paolo's younger sister, carry/drag an annoyed Edward.

"Stop drooling Rhys." Lachlan smacked his younger brother on the back of his head, though he was having trouble himself. Gemma ignored both of them and
circled her arm with Audrey going over to the girls.

"I'm alright. Though, I suddenly have one of the urges to kill Zaid. You understand right?"

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Kol ran over to help. "damn of we were caught with this much" he said, remebering last time. Last time there was not as much alcohol, but a lot of problems. Especailly with him and his sister who drank like it was a sport.

Audrey gave them both another smile, but this one dirrected more to Lachlan smile. "your brothers are adorable" she said to Gemma. Audrey had always had a thing for Lachlan. Unfortunatly, she could only tease him.

"i know exactly what you mean" said Stephany, looking to where her brother and Natasha had disappeared.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Why do you think we picked the Game room? It's in the basement. No one will ever know." Paolo had a pretty thick accent.

"Oy mate!" Shouted Rhys at his brother, a deep blush coloring his face.

Gemma huffed, "They're too protective. I'm never going to get some alone time with Hans at this rate."
They joined the girls just as Leon did.
"Ally my angel, it has been too long," said Leon as he wrapped his arms around Ally from behind; interrupting the all-girl circle. He had brown hair, crystal blue eyes, and was one of the tallest boys in the room.

Takashi was still trying to keep Zaid off of Aaron, the boy kept saying, "He likes it! He likes it!" In truth he was just trying to get attention from the girls.

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"yeah whatever pass some over here" said Kol.

Audrey laughed. "i think i can destract them" she said.

Ally turned around to face him. "way to long" she said with a smile. "and yet you never called." she said, a unsaid question in her voice.

"oh boy, your brothers at it again. is it my turn to entertain the clown?" Asked Stephany

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Eml | 2140 comments Paolo started the drinking games off by challenging Kol. Lachlan and Rhys came over as well, each filling a glass.

Just then Princesses Thema and Dofi from Ghana walked in. Zaid actually cheered, "My babies! You've come back to me."

Dofi said, "If that boy comes near me I'm going to kill him."

"Please stop him Stephany. My parents said if I hit him one more time they'd take away my credit cards." Maria patted her back in sympathy.

"Yes I did," said Leon, "I called the house. Someone named Liam said you were out of the country, but he wouldn't say where."

"Alright there Aaron?" asked Takashi. Aaron had never gone to one of their real parties before. Illea was such a new country and so far away he barely saw the rest of the royals.

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((i gotta go))

Kol, obviously accepted the challange.

Aaron laughed at how quickly Zaid had given up.

"here i go" said Stephany as she got up. She jumped on Zaids back "hey handsom" she said to him softly. she was pretty much getting a piggy back ride right now.

Ally laughed. "remind me to kill Liam when i get home" she said. "i was stuck at home for the past like 8 months." she added. "in that case my appologi's" she said.

"Im fine" Aaron replied. "is it just me, or is everyone here crazy" he said, as he watch Stephany get a piggy back by Zaid. Ally appearantly had a bow, and Natasha and Calaway had disappeared to do who knows what. And truthfully? Aaron did not what to know what they were doing.

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Eml | 2140 comments ((Ok. When you come back can you be Edward?))

Takashi laughed, "No, everyone here is fun."

Just then Prince Gao walked in and everyone froze. He was the second Prince of China which meant, "Dammit Gao tell me your brother isn't here!" shouted Omari.

Gao just laughed, "Gods no. He's having an elitist party with Makoto and Kwan. They won't be coming anywhere near us."

"Good. Tell him to invite Princess Nadra and Prince Sami too." said Thema. (Kenya and Algeria)

"And while they're at it, invite Juhan and Emilio. No one wants to see them." said Maria. (Estonia and Portugal)At the sound of those names everyone groaned except Aaron who had the pleasure of not knowing them.

Leon went back to paying attention to Ally. "I was hurt. I need a real apology. How about a kiss to make it all better?"

"Who taught you to drink Kol?" asked Gao, joining the drinking contest.

Natasha and Calaway returned looking disheveled; Natasha's hair was a mess and Calaway had his shirt on backwards.

“Does anyone wanna play air hockey?” asked Gemma to the room. She needed to distract herself while waiting for Hans to arrive.

“Where is Madeline? She is here right? I’ve missed her.” Asked Lotus to anyone who knew the answer.

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Aaron was completely confused by all that was going on, yet in a strange way, he was having fun.

"huummm, I'll have to think about it" teased Ally. She was not usually one to tease, but around Leon, she could do pretty much everything.

Calaway, saw a few of the girls giggle at his shirt. He looked down, and so that it was on backwards. He pulled his arms back in and turned the shirt around while still wearing it. He pushed his arms through the holes, and voila! fixed. He put an arm around Natasha.

Hans came into the room. Gemma Gemma, where is Gemma? was all he could think. He saw her by the air hockey table. He was wearing a hat, so he pulled it down a bit, so her brothers would not really notice him. He came up behind her, and wrapped his arms around her, and kissed the top of her head. "Miss me?" he asked.

Edward was so not in the mood for this. Yeah sure, parties were fun, but he had other things on his mine. He went over to a confused looking Aaron and gave him a half hearted smile. "having fun?" he asked him. "kinda" was his reply.

"Oh she's here" said Audrey. Probably just hiding is all. She did love hiding from us when we were little." she added. She glance back at Lachlan. Drinking. what a surprise.

Kol was hurt by the comment. "my dear boy, I drink for the sport of it. And Ameera over there taught me" he said pointing to his sister who was drinking a Martini.

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Eml | 2140 comments Gemma squealed, turned around and started kissing Hans.

Gao started laughing, “There’s your problem, you should never learn from a woman a man’s sport.”

Seeing that Aaron was being taken care of, Takashi got up, “Alright, this party is bordering on being boring. Where’s the music?” He walked over to the stereo and starting flicking through CDs; throwing the ones he didn’t like over his shoulder. When he finally found one decent, he cranked the volume up as loud as it could go. Then he started dancing in the middle of the room. Natasha and Rhys quickly joined him.

Leon pulled on Ally’s arm, “Well, then at least give me a dance.”

Lachlan walked over to Omari and handed him a drink, “They’re acting like children. Can’t any of them dance?”

Omari’s eyes lingered on Natasha, “Well, Tasha is something else…and Takashi is excellent.”

“Humph, he cheated though, his best friend growing up was Fujiwara Natsumi. What do you expect?”

“I don’t know,” Omari lowered his voice so only Lachlan could hear. It wasn’t really necessary because the stereo made it impossible to hear them, but it gave a certain effect, “There’s something about that kid, he’s talented at everything. Not all of it is natural, some of it came from hard work, but that just adds to his excellence…Of all the almost Kings, he got screwed over the most. He’s so much more capable than Makoto…” Omari realized that sounded harsh, so he tried to backtrack a little, “I mean, I like Makoto, he’s a very intelligent man. However, I guess he just lacks the charisma a leader needs. Do you uh know what I am saying?”

Lachlan nodded his head. He didn’t really know Takashi that well, but his brother Rhys wouldn’t stop talking about him. Apparently, he was like their ring-leader or something. “I understand, but I wonder if he became like that because he was born that way, or if it was because he’s a second son. They don’t have the kind of pressure we do growing up. Takashi, Rhys, Zaid, all of them have the freedom to grow up to be who they want, we have to grow up to be who our country wants.”

Omari glanced over at Zaid and was rewarded with a wave of irritation, the boy was trying to get Stephany to kiss him. “I don’t know, based off Zaid I’d say they are born that way.”

This made Lachlan laugh, “That galah is a bit of a handful isn’t he, mate?”

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Hans smiled, and then pulled Gemma to the dance foor. "Let's just hope your brothers don't try to kill me" he said to her, as he twirled her around.

Aaron and Edward looked as if they were both going to self-destruct. Not only that, but the looked mortified, just watching Natasha dance. snap out of it Edward said to himself. He went and got two drinks. one for himself, and one for Aaron. Aaron drank the whole thing in a blink of an eye. Who knew that he actually drank?

Ally danced with Leon. "maybe later i'll give you a kiss as well" she said over the music.

Audrey got up and went to Lachlan. 'rather than sitting there, maybe you should dance" she sae said. She smiled he 'drop dead smile' and offered him her hand.

Stephany was not in the mood for a kiss, but she wrapped her arms around Zaids neck, and kissed his cheek instead. "Prove to me you deserve a real kiss" she told him, and a soft, yet husky voice. She had a small smile, which could probably win her an award for most mysterious smile.

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Eml | 2140 comments One dance wouldn't hurt right? It's us royals, my finance won't find out...What's her name again? I can't remember anything when Audrey smiles like that. Lachlan took Audrey's hand and led her on the dance floor.

Zaid tried starting a conga line after Stephany kissed him.

Natasha saw Aaron and Edward watching and danced over to them. She sat in Edward's lap, with her legs on Aaron's lap. She purred into Edward's ear, "Long time no see Eddie."

Fredrik shouted over the noise, "It's time to do some business boys!" And pulled out a deck of cards. He found a round table and started dealing out cards. Gao, who had a bit of a gambling problem joined instantly, Omari dealed in, and Paolo dragged Calaway over. Surprisingly Dofi sat down too.

Takashi stepped away from the impromptu dance floor and shouted, "I'm going to go get some food!" And then disappeared. He gave Rhys a look that said make sure no one followed him. This wasn't a problem since everyone was wrapped up in the party.

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As Audrey and Lachlan danced she was probably the happiest she had ever been in a while.

Stephany joined his conga line, and laughed at his attempt to impress her.

"Tasha my sweet, i'm taken" Said Edward "and Calaway would probaby kill me if he saw us together" he added, looking at Calaway, who was currently sipping his drink. He watched as Calaway was dragged over to the 'card table'.

"Ahh boys, you know i always win" said Calaway as he took another sip of his drink.

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Eml | 2140 comments Natasha frowned, and then spun around so she was in Aaron's lap with her legs on Edward, "That's Calaway's problem. You know as much as I do that he's not a one woman kind of guy, and I'm not a one man kind of girl. We're too young to be tied down." She started playing with Aaron's hair, "You have lovely hair my Prince."

Dofi coughed and raised an eyebrow,"I am no boy, but I will glady take all of you little boys' money."

Paolo was drunk and continued drinking. He began singing an old Italian song while peaking at Gao's cards.

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Aaron laughed. "Natasha that is the exact reason why we have never been together" said Aaron. "flings are your thing. not mine or Edwards" he added.

"Make your bet then" said Calaway. "and Paolo, not cheating" he added, noticing that Paolo kept peaking at Gao's cards. "you know the penalty for cheating" he added to him.

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Eml | 2140 comments She laughed, "Says the boy who is currently dating, what is it? 30 something women." She rested her head on his chest; her arms were wrapped around his neck. Prince Antonio came in and shook his head at the sight of her, "And she's not even drunk is she?"

"I have to kiss you?" Paolo asked. Gao smacked the boy's forehead, "No, you have to kiss Kwan, right on the lips."
They each placed their bets.

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Aaron laughed. "im sure you date more guys at a time" he said to Natatsha. And to Antonio he said "I'm kinda exited to see her drunk" in a hushed voice.

Calaway bet 1 grand. "I don't even know why im wasting my time with this but what the hell." he was not in a gambling mood today, but if he won, he probably would continue to gamble.

Stephany turned to Zaid and said. "i have been impressed. You may choose your prize".

Janessa of Peru came in. She looked a lot different since the last time she had been to one of these parties. Her hair was now spiral curly, and waist lenght. She was also a bit taller, now at 5'8 she was one of the tallest girls here.

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Eml | 2140 comments Antonio whispered back, "She only drinks vodka and it takes many bottle for an effect."

Without saying a word, Fredrik put down 2 grand. Out of everyone, he had the best poker face. Paolo started dancing in his seat, "Hahaha you losers are going down!"

Maria saw Janessa and went to hug her, "Look at you!"

Zaid was confused why Stephany was being so nice. He figured he'd give it a try, and wiggled his eyebrows at her, "The back room is empty."

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"Bring on the vodka then" he whispered back.

Calaway raised his eyebrows. "impressive" he said. "but with that poker face, i ain't risking more than 1 grand" he added.

"Look at me look at you! You look amazing!" said Janessa, returning the hug. "It's been forever since i have been to one of these" she added, looking around.

"that depends." Stephany said seriously. She was not so sure, espesually with Zaid.

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Eml | 2140 comments Antonio laughed and patted his friend on the back, "It's good to nice you like this. I was worried how'd you handle everyone."
"Tony, are you teasing me? Don't you know I'm the only one allowed to tease?" Natasha asked licking her lips.
"Wouldn't dream of it my dear Natasha...And what did I tell you about calling me Tony?"

"Depends on what?" asked Zaid.

Gemma and Hans were no longer dancing, but just straight up making out. Rhys was too drunk to notice, Lachlan on the other hand..."Hey get off Hans! Ruin someone else's sister!"

"Yes, everyone seems to be changing, look at Stephany...Though I don't know why she is giving Zaid the time of day."

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Aaon lughed. "everyone is awesome he said. "and if i caan handel this one right her *bounces Natasha on his lap* then i can handel anyone" he dds.

"depeds on what happens aferwards" she says. "will you ditch me for some other girl, or stic around" she said. she was testing him. she knew what his answer would be, but she wanted to be sure.

Hans and Gemma broke apart. "dude calm down, you got your own girl there" he said pointing to Audrey, who was now blushing like mad.

"who knows, maybe she likes him" she said. But she coudn't help but crack smile. "if he's lucky that is" she added.

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Eml | 2140 comments Natasha began nibbling on Aaron's ear, "This one definately needs to be corrupted. It's my new mission for this gathering."
Antonio grinned, "Make sure Czar Anton doesn't catch you."
"He never does," Natasha said.

Zaid was really confused. No one had ever said that to him before,"Stephany, do you actually like me? Or are you being a bigger tease than Natasha? I never thought you were one for being cruel."

"You know it's not that simple Hans! She's engaged to the Duke of Swendway!"
"But, I don't love him Lachlan! I love Hans." She gripped the sleeve of Hans' shirt.
Rhys stumbled over, "So? *hic* Lachlan don't love *hic* Imogen, but he's *hic* going to marry her anyway."

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Aarons cheeks turned bright red. "Natasha your forgetting im going to be married to someone in less that 6 months" he said. He was not sure why, but he was starting to panic.

"i want an honest answer" she said. "and no, i am not being cruel. I admit nothing until you answer my question" she said, crossing her arms. She need to know.

Audrey suddenly felt light headed. "excuse me" she said softly, she turned away from them, and headed to the corner of the room. she poured herself a martini. breath she took a sip it never would have worked anyway .

"That's why i plan on speaking with your father" he said. "im too am a first born, and can be rather convincing" he said. "Angel, im not giving you up. I love you to mcuh for that" he told Gemma.

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Eml | 2140 comments She purred in his ear, "That's okay. It's good to have flings before you get your ring."

Zaid rubbed his chin, "When you say leave, does that mean I can't kiss anyone else? Look it's done wonders for Aaron. The way Natasha is staring at him she's probably going to take his virginity. You'd be taking away a public service."

"What dream world are you living in? Every first born daughter and son in this room is engaged! We have no choice in the matter. I'm not starting a war with Swendway because of some fling. Gemma, where is your duty to your people?"

Thema walked over, "Cool off Lachlan. You're going to ruin the party. Have another drink."

Gao shouted from the poker table, "Everything always goes to hell without Taka-Chan around."

"Where did he go?" asked Lotus.

"Aw don't worry *hic* bout him. He's getting food." said Rhys.

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"flings?? maybe after another five beers" Aaron said. Nope. he was not giving in so easily.

"Zaid, seriosly" Stephany said. She was slightly annoyed with his answer, but did'nt show it.

"doesn't stop you from hanging out it other girls does it Lachlan? Maybe even leading them on, but then leaving because of duty?" Hans asked. What a hypocrite. He could tell that no one had told Audrey that he was engaged, and now she probably felt like a fool.

"He better get it faster!" yelled Calaway. "im starved!"

Ally was still dancing with Leon, when she said. "i think i'll give you your kiss now" with a smile.

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Eml | 2140 comments Leon kissed her back, it was easy to ignore everyone else around them.

Natasha turned to Edward, "If you aren't going to give me a foot massage, make yourself useful and get the boy another beer. Actually bring the keg over, I'll make him a deal." She turned back to Aaron, "If you can finish off the rest of the keg Aaron, I'll let you do whatever you want. Do you think you can pull that off?"

"Stephany darling, it's my personality. I kiss everyone I meet. I can only promise that your kisses will be the only ones that matter." said Zaid.

"Audrey and I have been friends since we were in grade school! We went to the same boarding school. She knows about Imogen, I thought all of you did! What about Nora huh? Your finance?"

"Paolo is hungry too. I want pasta!" said Paolo.

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Ally pulled awaya after a moment. "has anyone ever told you that you are the best kisser ever?" she asked.

"and what does 'do what you want' include?" he asked as Edward went to get the keg.

Stephany uncrossed her arms and pulled Zaid in for a kiss. "deal" she said after a moment.

"yeah uhm, about that, i, being the civilized person that i am, talked to my parents, and hers, and we called it off." said Hans matter-of-factly.

"Nice choice. I want Pasta too!" said Calaway smaking the table with his fist, in demand for food.

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Eml | 2140 comments Leon grinned, "I believe that title belongs to you."

"Anything," was her response. Then Natasha kissed Aaron on the lips and lingered just long enough to have him wanting more. It wasn't a secret she knew what she was doing.

Zaid picked Stephany up bridal style and carried her into the back room.

Lachlan walked over to the bar and chugged his drink. "I'll believe it when I see it." Hans was going to run his country into the ground. Both of them were young and had no idea what they wanted. His parents might play along, but they were probably just waiting for him to get over Gemma, but Lachlan was going to protect his sister before anythin hurt her. It was his job.

"Are both of you stupid?" asked Maria from the pool table. She had challenged Janessa. "Takashi can't carry pasta down here by himself. He's probably just getting chips and other party food."

"Pasta is a party food. Everybody loves it, so they party from excitement."

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Ally blushed, left speachless.

"i accept the challenge" he told her. "bring that keg" he called over to Edward, who in a moment brought it. "and i can drink it all" he said to Natasha.

Stephany giggled. "forward my prince" she said happily.

"we shall see. the kids can do anything" said Calaway. "i swear he can probably life a car if he sets his mind to it" he added, not even looking up from his cards.

Audrey finished off her Martini. She poured herself one more. And drank it too. Her eyes were glassed over by now, but she was not drunk yet.

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Eml | 2140 comments Antonio attached a tube to the spout and handed it to Aaron.

Lachlan walked over Audrey, "Tell me you knew. I don't understand why people are telling me I'm unreasonable. We have our duties."

Gao chuckled, "The kid is faster than a car, he doesn't need one. Have you ever seen him parkour?"((It's the jumping rooftops and climbing walls thing))

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Aaron started drinking. Piece of cake he thought.

"no one told me." she said. And yet he had let her practically throw herself at him. Awesome. Just what she needed. She took another sip from her martine. "but then again, mate, we have our duties to attend to, no point in dihonouring the family traditions" she said, using mate, as he had earlier.

"sure have. dare devil he is" said Calaway.

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Eml | 2140 comments ((I feel like he's be amusing drunk))

"Why are you upset? It's not like we did anything. We always dance together."

"I hope he comes back soon," said Fredrik, "Before Lachlan gets killed by Audrey for being an airhead and before Rhys starts stripping. He has that look in his eye like he wants to ride a kangaroo."

"I see no problem with the Aussie stripping." said Dofi with a sly smile. She through some more chips into the pile.

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((ikr?? but i actually would'nt know, because im under aged, and don't ever plan on drinking))

"oh darling, ask your sister" she said. With that, Audrey got up, and left.

Calaway laughed. "i agree with both, although, Audrey seems to be taking the easy way out" he said. "and of course you wouldn't mind. look at that, your even blushing dall face" he said.

Aaron was now half way through the keg. i hate thins, but i have to win he thought.

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Eml | 2140 comments ((I'm under age too, and haven't drank anything either. But, I've seen my sister and brother drunk enough times, and watch plenty of movies/Tv to get the idea.))

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((same thing, exept my sister is WAY under age, and i hope that i never see her trashed. If i do, i am probably never going to speak to her again.))

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(you there??)

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Eml | 2140 comments Lachlan had no idea what that meant, so he just walked over to where Aaron was, who was in the process of getting himself wasted. Everyone got up and circled around him to see if he would go through with it.

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Aaron took the last few sips of it, and when he finished, he felt like he was going to die. "I FINISHED" he yelled. "told you i could do it" he added.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Very good." Natasha gave the now drunk boy a kiss as reward. She held him up to keep him from stumbling. All the boys were cheering for him, "So Aaron, what would you like to do now?" She purred into his ear.

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He thought for a moment, his thoughts very fuzzy. a million things popped into hs head. "actually, i have something to ask you" he said to Natasha, his words slightly slurred, a mysterious smile playing at his lips.

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Eml | 2140 comments "What is it?" she asked seductively.

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"go and get me a sandwich' he slurred. If he was himself, he never would have said it, but he felt as if someone needed to show Natasha who is boss. He was ready to get slapped though.

Edward Laughed at Aarons comment, and Calaway, with his keen ears did as well.

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Eml | 2140 comments She smiled at him, "So you like sandwiches huh? Come here Paolo." Natasha hugged Aaron from the front, while Paolo held him from behind. "How's this work honey?"

Aaron was now sandwiched between Natasha and Paolo. Paolo, who was pretty drunk by now, smiled and said, "We haven't done this in a while."

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Aaron laughed. 'nice sandwich" he said

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