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Movie Preshowing Review!

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Katerina So... I was lucky enough to see a preshowing of this movie on March 9th or something around then.

After the meet and greet with Max Irons and Jake Abel (Squeal!), we headed to the movie theatre, where we were introduced to the movie by the two afore mentioned, highly attractive actors.

Unlike most of the book to movies I've seen, this time I saw the movie before I read the book. It was a different experience, but nonetheless, I still found myself liking the book better. Stephanie Meyer annoys the heck out of me with her weak female characters. The only difference with this book was that it actually posed a moral question.

What is human?

That aside, the movie doesn't follow the book exactly. There are no cheetos in the movie, FYI. (My friends were talking about Cheetos before the movie, and how they loved that part of the book) The movie is much more fast paced. The essential events happen, but not always in the same order.

And the lines I loved from the movie weren't in the book.

And the lines I loved from the book, weren't in the movie. That is, except for: "This is a strange world, isn't it?" "The strangest"

So, any other questions for someone who's already seen the movie?

Abigail Road is it all about Melanie and Jarred or does it show how Wanda and Ian are together and THEY'RE the main love couple? I've seen a billion trailers and it focuses on Jarred when in fact it's about Wanda falling with a human-Ian.

Katerina Like the book, the movie works Melanie's past into the plot line through flash backs. There are a few Wanda and Ian moments. The part where Ian tries to kiss Wanda... and it doesn't work out, that's in the movie, although, it's a little different. I think Ian and Wanda are as much a couple in the movie as they were in the book. Same with Jared and Wanda.

Abigail Road Ok that's a relief. I've just seen sooooo many team jarred stuff and I got worried thinking that it wouldn't be like the book. Thank you!:)

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