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Iman Iman Mar 22, 2013 03:47PM
Do you think Cassia was just being selfish?

Xander said he loved her but Cassia really did not do anything about it an even though he was hurt she still picked Ky and left Xander alone

My point is... do you think she was being selfish she said she loved Xander but then she suddenly change her mind and stars wanting evrything.

Cassia, like many (Or all) female leads in YA novels, she has two guys to choose over (Or more in some cases). Plus, she wanted freedom to choose who she wanted to be with. She wanted Ky. Also, if Ky wasn't an Aberration then he would've been Matched with Cassia anyway. But if the Society stayed the Society for a decade or more, then she would've chosen Xander.

Also, she pretty much had a rock in the middle of a see-saw. When she found out Ky was an Aberration and had some of the same interests, it gave that tiny little push in his direction.

i can certainly see where you're coming from and at times i have to say that i tend to go through phases where i dislike the female lead since she's never sure what her feelings are and she's never straight up with anyone about it either. i think that she was coming into her own and didn't know how to handle it properly. I think that sometimes (especially in the case of Cassia), she became too comfortable with the guy that had been there her whole life and as a result, it just blew up in her face because she then had to continue on the whole series proving that she was tough and all that when in theory, most people in her place during that society would have just said 'great he loves me and he's a catch' and then go on their merry way.

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Yea, I suppose. It's weird, with all these dystopian novels-- THG, Matched etc-- I end up kind of disliking the main character and rooting for the others. For example--even though this would've made the series impossible to continue as it's written from her perspective--I wouldn't have minded Katniss dying as much as I would've if, say, Peeta died. Still sad though. But sometimes the main characters you're supposed to love and go for become a little unlovable. But that's the beauty of this new range of YA dystopian fiction novels! I dunno, waffling again! ;)
No wha'a'meen?
But, yea, Cassia did seem kinda selfish. But it's not an uncommon trait in her kind of character.

Iman The part where I like trew the book on th ground and strted crying was when Xander gave her he tablets and shsaid sorry i did not get you anythng and ...more
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