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message 1: by Heather (new)

Heather (justanothermammabear) | 10 comments Mod
What were you reading while everyone else was immersed in Judy Blume?

message 2: by Aischa (new)

Aischa | 5 comments Daniel Pinkwater, for sure. So good that I got my parents to read two of them...
Lizard music, the Snark out Boys, and the Avocado of Death, and Alan Mendelssohn the boy from Mars. They are all just so weird and off the wall. Snacking out became a pastime, even though there was no place to snark to, in my home town. Sometimes i find it hard to re-read Pinkwater's books as an adult, because he references some crazy esoteric stuff. When you don't know about it, it's cool. Now I'm just too jaded and fed up for some of it. Location wise, Pinkwater has a way of describing place I'd like to be: Beanbenders beer garden, the Snark theater, or the Bermuda Triangle chili parlor.

I also read a lot of John Bellairs books, like the house with a clock in its walls... Illustrated by gorey. I guess anything by Edward gorey or illustrated by him caught my eye.

message 3: by Aischa (new)

Aischa | 5 comments Good grief pardon the typos. Ipad woes...

message 4: by Aischa (new)

Aischa | 5 comments There was a great novel I found in out little library, about a girl who runs away and is taken in by a happy, ramshackle family that dumpster-dives. I loved it. I guess the girl came from a standard middle class family with some sort of conflict. The family she meets is practical, mismatched, recycles, and dumpster-dives. It is a big eye opener for her. They nurture her and eventually she does go home. God, I wish I could find it.

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