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Perenelle | 31 comments i cant read it until I finish Clockwork Angel and Prince again :(

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Sophie (warpedline) | 8 comments At the end, I just cried and cried and cried- and then I fell asleep and cried in my dreams (true story, not an exaggeration here) and when I woke up was just... empty.

The ending was so bittersweet, and while I loved the way Cassie ended the book, it was just so sad! So upset to see the Infernal Devices go :'(

Ave Atque Vale, Shadowhunters. Hail and Farewell.

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I haven't read it yet...still on: Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) by Cassandra Clare

Perenelle | 31 comments oooh, so excited and nervous :S

I'm going to make videos on these books, cant wait xD

Sara (rebelliouscherub) I basically fell asleep crying after reading it and when I woke up in the morning I felt empty and numb. It was such a bittersweet ending.

Ashley (gomj25) | 89 comments Mod
OHMYSWEETGOODNES I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THIS!!!!!! I knew that something would happen to Will. We all did even before I got the book, but GEEZ! I cried my eyes out at the end! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee *dead* cried pretty much the entire book. no wait- Sobbed pretty much the entire book! It was an awesome book but oh soo sad!

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 63 comments Exactly there should've been stories about his 80 years of life. CC just jumped from 18 to 80. She should've illustrated every bit of his life. It's always fun reading him specifically. And his sarcastic comments . Oh Will!!!

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Lys | 97 comments I am so dead its not even funny. I read CP2 and finished it crying and the day after there was a dull ache that had spread out and consumed me. I was depressed over the ending. Then I thought is was a great idea to read the trilogy again only to find myself even more heartbroken. I knew the ending and I saw this the hinted and it hurt that i knew the outcome of the path. I am not ready to say good bye. I still hurt and feel hollow. I still feel hollow.I can't look or read anything that will remind my of the ending or i will cry. I didn't want it to end I want Wessa and Jessa so much.

Renee same, had a dull ache and pain of loss that I felt for a week or so and still carry around when THIS ONE^ brings him up! ;) lol jks Lyssa

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Lys | 97 comments thanks renee, ill try and not bring him up as much, but it still hurts

Renee ha ha, I was joking, I love him! I DREW ANGELIC POWER ON MY HAND BECAUSE MY MUSICAL'S OVER!!! WHOOP WHOOP! It's so cute... \^_^/

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Lys | 97 comments hahaha. when we go back we have to write the marks all over our arms :D

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Renee yes, and I'm going to look up Tessa's hairsyles. :)

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Lys | 97 comments i cant wait to see how that will turn out

Renee found one I can do on us! well actually I can do on you, probably won't be able to do it on myself.

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Lys | 97 comments send me to link and ill see i can do the same to you

Renee well I can do it on you, but I don't know if there's a pic... hang on I'll search.

Justine saulnier | 4 comments It was so sad I was like OMG he's alive that was just shocking.

Chisom  (booky2) | 5 comments Will someone please just buy me this book?! It's been over a year since i finished the series, but i still have little flashes of Will and Tessa and Jem and it breaks my heart knowing that's it's really already over :'(

Justine saulnier | 4 comments But there is a city of heavenly fire coming out in May it's sortof like this series.

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juli (julisaysno) | 1 comments I kind of cried....a lot. It was an amazing book with well developed characters and perfect pacing. I have too many feelings concerning this book. One part of my brain was like WESSA and the other part was like JESSA and still another part was like "Why are we arguing about ships we should be focusing on defeating Mortmain. Pretty much my opinion of this book can be summarized into three words: Cassie Clare rules. I honestly could not sleep the night after I finished it because feels.

Chisom  (booky2) | 5 comments Best ending of a fictional book series i've yet to read.


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