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Halle (thepotterhead) | 50 comments Mod
Where food from raids is kept.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily smirks at Oswin and Dexters teasing and continues towards the back where weapons are kept for raids. When she reaches it she turns toward the others, "You should probably just take a gun since this will be a night raid." She tells them. Her eyes going to each one of them individually.

Garret nods at Dexter and says, "Alright Dexter." He was one to mess around but he tried never to take it too far. He followed at the rear as they entered the storage room and listened to Emily's suggestion, but he already had his. And he knew for a fact that she always kept hers tucked in the back of her pants.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments "Good choice," Garret says to Oswin, as he watches her choose a gun. She had good taste which means she has probably used one before.

Emily gave Dexter a funny look but picked a gun for him, tossing it to him lightly, "Don't hurt yourself." She advised.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Garret is happy that he managed to make her smile once again and said, "Of course." Dimples showed as he smiled at Oswin. Meeting girls in the caves was not an easy thing to do, but so far Garret liked this girl, she didn't seem broken beyond repair or anything. She was strong.


Emily rolled her eyes yet again and looked at Oswin and Garret, "When we get out there you two need to stay together understand?" She looked at Garret, "Don't seperate even if I'm not there." She said this firmly because she knew Garret. He didn't feel safe without her but she knew that needed to change because she might not always be there for him.


A tight knot formed in Garret's chest at Em's words, but he nodded. His jaw tight as he did so. He knew that she would only do what was best for them and he trusted her.


Emily looked at Dexter, "You have to stick with me." she told him, her blue eyes holding his, "Is that alright with everyone?"

((Well we could do it on the Phoneix one under location since thats where the souls live))

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily nodded, trying to ignore Dexter's comment, "Lets go then." She headed back the way they came.


Garret sighed and tried to be relaxed. This wasn't his first raid but it was his first without Emily by his side. He hoped that nothing bad would come to them.

((Skip to when they are raiding in Phionex?))

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