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Eat here.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily entered the kitchen doorway with Oswin. She did not waste time in standing around awkwardly but went right to the point, "What do you want?" She asked Oswin, prepared to give her the options. There wasn't much but it was enough for them. She looked to her for her answer.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily ignored Dexter, "Well there's the sweet bread, one of my favorites. And then there is almost always soup for lunch. That's my usual. Besides dried fruit of course..." She told Oswin. Gathering the things onto her plate as she talked.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily took as much as was allowed on her plate and walked over to the table that Dexter sat at, but sat more on the other end. She gestured for Oswin to sit across from her and took a bite of her bread, "Plenty of room here."

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments "Depends on what you like to do," Emily told her, taking another bite. her dark hair fell over her shoulders, "You can do the sewing and laundry with the quiet and good girls...." She started smiling, "Or you can be like me and go out to civilization and steal goods and learn how to fight."

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily laughed, "I thought you may say that..." She said, before taking a swig if water.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily snorted, "Yes we all carry a gun with us Oswin." She answered her question, leaning back in her seat, "You thinking of coming along too pretty boy?" She asked Dexter with a slight smile looking over at him.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily nodded, "Well there is plenty of danger out there isn't there?" She replied to Dexter, "I'm just wondering if we can trust you with a gun in your hands." She teased with a smirk.


Garret entered the room with a wide smile on his face and a spring in his step. His white long sleeve shirts sleeves were rolled up and sweat made it cling to his body which was well built for his age.
"Hey Em!" he exclaimed upon seeing Emily with a girl he did not recognize. He grabbed a thing of water and a roll and took a seat next to the blond sitting across from Emily, not shy at all, " And whats your name beautiful? I don't believe I've met you before because I definately would have remembered you."

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily's smirk faltered for a second, "My names not doll, pretty boy." Her dark eyes locked with his and she hoped that she intimidated him at least some. She actually looked forward to seeing him try to keep up with her out there.


Garret smiled, "Call me whatever you want, but my names Garret. I'm Em's bro." he said winking at Emily who in turn rolled her eyes.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily smiled, "Thats better. Dex." She said the shortened version of his name clearly because she kind of liked it.


"Well I am a pretty big part of her life...." Garret drawled with a smirk. He notices that she goes back to being interested in her food but doesn't stop, "Hey can I have a grape?" he asked.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments "Well I wasn't going to give you much of a choice," Emily told him with a smile. She couldn't help but smile when he was so easily playful. And that didn't mean she was falling for it, she just thought it was pretty cute was all...


In response Garret raised his hand high in the air in a joking manner, "Oh I want to go!" he said loudly, a smile on his face. He looked to Emily, "Can we go Em?" he asked. He never went on raids without her so he wanted to make sure she wanted to.


Emily laughed lightly, "I can't think of a better way to spend the rest of my day." she looked at Dexter, "Are you up for it?"

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments "We shall," Emily agreed with a nod and she too stood up from the table, followed by Garret. Who had a huge stupid smile on his face that made Emily want to laugh. She already had her hand gun concealed in the jacket she wore. But they didn't have any yet so she supposed they would have to get some.


Garret already had his gun and knife concealed on him. He needed both because of his lack of hand on hand battle skills. Em was trying to teach him but he still wasn't good.

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments Emily nodded, "Storage room..."


Garret couldn't help but get excited for this and his smile did not ware. He stuck close to Oswin and Em. Not really sure who the guy behind them was. So as usual curiosity took over and he slowed a little so he was in pace with the guy, "Hey."

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Hannah (cloveshay) | 38 comments "Yeah," Garret replied, "Pretty boy, right?" He said in attempt to make this guy laugh.


Emily approached the door of the storage room and entered.

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