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After being on the internet for about six months, I have found curious differences between local cultures in America. I think that the idea of local culture has been around for a long time, and that it shapes the books that we read and the people who read them. I want to post comments about specific cultural qualities that are important to me. Are there any qualities that are important to you? Has anyone discovered any events or circumstances that have shaped their own local culture? Like in honest America, any comments are welcome!


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It is very interesting to me that there aren't any bookstores open in my area. There were for a long time, but I think that Amazon with the Kindle and free delivery for orders over $25 stopped the profitability of the retail sales.

I wonder whether this dramatic change is affecting what and how people read. It most certainly has changed the way the local culture views books. As for myself, I found a long time ago that my favorite books were always ordered anyway. I rarely bought books directly from the shelves of the bookstores. However, I do miss the opportunity to see the books that other people are buying.

I think that my conceptions of books and reading will change in the long run because of the different perspective that I now have on how I find and buy books. For example, had I read Jaws by Peter Benchley now instead of in the 1970's, certainly I would see the vacation as the greater theme instead of the contrast between nudity and violence. The idea of reading books without a store is more like a vacation. The love of books that is promoted by seeing and touching them before buying them made me feel more oriented toward touch when I read Jaws in the 1970's.

This illustration is an example of local culture in America. It describes how this culture changes.

Any comments are welcome!


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