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This is a new group, and I want to make a social context. I like to look at different kinds of novels to find different kinds of people and experiences. I will post some thoughts at this blog periodically about some of the American books that I read. I invite everyone to use the Member Blogs folder for their own personal chats!


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What do people think of The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer? I read it some time ago, and am thinking that it is somehow representational of American literature.

The plot is about World War II. Of course, it is about men's lives because the characters are soldiers travelling during the war. There are many facets of their journey together that are remarkable.

While Norman Mailer was only twenty-five at the time that the book was published, it was indeed a very mature work. The men are described as people from before the war, and as emotional victims during the war. My favorite qualities of the book are the closeness and the distance that Norman Mailer creates between the reader and the characters--sometimes one and sometimes the other.

I did read another book by Norman Mailer, Harlot's Ghost. It was about CIA agents.

Are there any comments?


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