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This is the main road that is connectedd to all cities. It is the most traveled on and is kinda like the kingdoms highway in a sense. Most travel on this road if they do not know the kingdoms back roads.

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Once outside and after he heard the horns, his walk quickened without meaning to. He passed Max and walked toward the stables just outside the wall and unhooked their horses. The other guards they came with would have to take the wagon. West ordered them to hook it up while West took a horse to Max. "Here, A horse will be left for Braylin when he comes. But we need to leave."

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Max nodded, tearing his gaze from the city and to the horse that had just been brought to him. He hooked one food into the saddle and threw the other over the horse's back, planting himself in the saddle. He dug his heels just enough into the horse's side to get the creature to running. 


Sabrina's run had slowed now, the city a small object behind her. Dust floated through the air with each small gust and her hair followed with it, whipping as it pleased. She could no longer hear the horns and knew she was probably safe unless they came out of their haven to hunt her down. In that case, she would think of something surely. One thing she knew was that the thing she carried was probably much more valuable than she had been told.

((I'm not sure where everything is. I forget. So idk if they cross paths or not))

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West followed after Max, taking his silence as nothing out of the ordinary. Max rarely spoke to West. The guards of his had to move a lot slower than West and Max but that was alright, he knew they could hold their own and maybe Braylin would catch up to them. But West couldnt leave Max unguarded. So, following a decent distance behind his lord, West watched for any persuit of the King. His curiousity grew almost unbearible. What did Braylin do? Kill the king? Or did he get killed himself?

As his mind was buzzing with all these questions, he noticed something off in the distance. It was a person... He felt like he recognized this person from somewhere. Clicking his teeth, he urged the horse to trot over to where this person was a little ahead, forgetting about Max for a moment.

Once near, he couldnt help the grin that spread across his face. When he wasnt on duty, he was a sarcastic fun person which he liked to be more often. And this grin was dying to come out. "Well well well. Who do we have here?" He said, comming up behind the girl who wouldnt give him her name. The one he caught steeling from the castle.

((Im just going to make them meet before she goes West to her town and he goes East (cause Sorret is East) just for them to meet again))

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((Mkay :). I took a nap lol))

Max had barely noticed someone walking in a direction veering from where they were headed. He wasn't exactly in the mind set to be curious, so he stuck to the path and ahead of the bunch. 

Sabrina heard horses and were there were horses, there were riders. She glanced over her shoulder to see the came from the castle. Were they coming after her? Her heart dropped a little but she quickly recovered and prepared herself for the worst, getting her mindset in more of a battle mode. But, the horses seemed to be going in another. Perhaps they were just leaving the city and not on the chase. The hairs on the back of her neck stood straight when one started to trot her way. Her hand twitched at her side ready to draw a weapon if needed. But, that all changed when she heard a voice she recognized from earlier that day. She looked over her shoulder and watched as the general from Sorrel, West, rode up beside her. She continued to walk, but he easily kept up on his horse. She gave a smile to him before looking back in front of her. "Who is a good question indeed seeing ad you do not know," she told. 

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West glanced back as Max kept riding. He should be fine, West thought and turned his attention back on the thief in front of him. "I tried to know, but you refused to tell me. I dont see how that is my fault." He paused. "Where is it you are going anyway? If it is to sell that rock there i know a perfect place in Sorret." West smirked at her. He still couldnt believe that was an egg like she said. And if it really was from Sorret then he would tempt her to go there. There really was a shop that she could take that to though, if she wanted to.

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Sabrina couldn't help but laugh a small amount at the general riding near her. "If I were to sell what it is youre referring to, I know of much higher bidders to offer it to," she told. She shifted her eyes from in front of her and to him for a moment. "Desert Springs is where I planned on heading. I know a few out there that wouldn't mind helping me look into a few things." She refocused her gaze before her and continued, "I don't intend to get rid of it..." She had came to this decision long before now, but this was the first she actually allowed herself to believe the prospect of keeping the item. It was more than a rock, it had to be. Otherwise it wouldn't have been kept under such heavy secretive. The jewels were fancy and the attraction obvious, but nothing more glamorous than the things worn around necks by the royals. The importance of this item was of much greater value than jewels, gems and sparkles. 

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((I swear i commented to this. sorry my bad))

West blinked. Did she really just tell him where she was going? Not that he had any idea where that was but she wouldnt even tell him her name, so why where she was going. Just out of curiosity he asked, "Well, if you dont intend to sell it, what do you plan to do with it?" Then horses from West's mens wagon could be heard coming down the road. He would certainly have to leave with them, but he sorta liked talking to this women, she never reacted to his sarcastic comments so without knowing it, he began to be a little nicer to her.

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((no biggie!))

Glancing towards the other horseman that Sabrina had long since noticed, she could tell he was important and it wasn't hard for her to deduct that it was surely Lord Max of Sorrel. He seemed troubled. She looked over her shoulder to see a wagon carrying the rest of the Sorrel men brought for the meeting. Why were they leaving so abruptly? Had something happened? The alarm...was it sounded because of the theft she had made or was it due to something...something much larger. Sabrina focuses on West at this point. She smiles a small number, thinking up what could have happened but not asking just yet. "Have I not given you enough information?" she said, referring to her location. "No harm will come to the thing, if that's what you are looking to be answered." She redirects her attention to before her. "You left moments before the alarm was sounded...why?"

((I'll write somthing for Max the next post. I have to get to a class haha.))

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West smirked at her. "Oh now you wish answers from me. Well this is ironic considering you won't answer any if my own."

((I have nothing really to elaborate on this one... So it's short lol sorry for the absence))

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((it's all good :).))

Sabrina smirked at the general's really, figuring for nothing as far as a answer had went. "Ironic would be a word you could use. However, since you replied in a manner suggesting you knew something, then I have the answer I was looking for." It wasn't about this thing, she thought to herself. It has to be about something else...about what happened in that meeting.

Max couldn't get the thought out of his head. He had abandoned Braylin. He left him there. How could he have done that?! He had to, he knew this. But that didn't fix the fact he left him. Max looked over his shoulder and saw west speaking to a girl. Taking a better look. Max questioned if he knew the girl. He wasn't sure. He would wait a moment before calling to West to leave her be and follow gim.

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((had to edit it))

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West shot An eyebrow up. "Oh did I?" He have her a look. "In my mind that wouldn't have told one anything. My answer could simply have been I don't know anything." He paused, "you have a funny way of thinking, miss." Looking at her a moment, he couldn't help the crooked grin that spread across his face. This woman was amusing to talk to, always talking in riddles and never giving an answer. It was fun to West who had so much strain on him at the moment.

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"Maybe you're simply not use to women thinking," she commented, running the possibilities through her mind again. She liked to think she was right, that something had happened in that courtroom. But, she knew she could be wrong as well. Though, signs pointed towards her being correct. The hasty leave by the Sorrel house, the alarm sounding in the city, and the distress written across the lord's face as he rode in silence. The fact no one had come after her for the object she stole also made her believe she was right, though that could simply be due to the fact no one really noticed her escape--she didn't think at least. She was usually pretty sneaky. "Am I right?" she asked, eying the wagon that was catching up. She had witnessed it's arrival a day or two ago. But, she recalled something else as well. Three men had horses. Now there were only two? This was General West and the other Lord Max. Sabrina had always been keen on research and knowing all the downlow to keep her intouch with anything and everything that might be needed on her part one day. So, she knew that the one missing was none other than the hand of Lord Max, Braylin Wes. "Where is the third?" she then asked, before giving him the full chance to answer her question that she had asked moments before this realization of the hand's absence.

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Wests eyes widened a fraction at her keen eye. How had a peasant noticed something that a knight was trained to do? Then again she had snuck into the castle and stolen something, most likely she is good at watching for details. "He will be coming right along. He just had to do something before we left." West gave her a charming smile, hoping to distract her. The wagon was right behind then on the path now.

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Sabrina nodded a little, knowing that there was more. His lack of detail to the response and the fact that a hand would never leave their lord told much more than shown. "Well, he won't be getting out anytime soon. The city is sealed of." She glanced over her shoulder, a gust blowing dust into the air. The walls of the kingdom looked so intimidating, but they were so easy to breach and concur. That was something else wrong with the kingdom. It wasn't safely secure.

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West narrowed his eyes. He wanted the last word before he rode off. "Perhaps they are after you, thief." He started to turn his horse. "Remember, there is places that you can go in Sorret." And with that, he spurred his horse and left to catch up with the carriage. This so called town that she had told him about, he was going to fin out if it was real. Without really admitting it, he knew he was going to fin this girl again. Even of that meant going to this town sooner or later.

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Sabrina looked to West as he spoke and waved to his back as he went to catch up with his people. She redirected her strides the slightest bit, heading directly towards Desert Springs. It was a long walk, but there would be a place she could stop along the way. Sabrina thought through the possibility of them being after her. She knew that at some point they would be. But, that alarm wasn't for her. She again, looked over her shoulder to the city, the horns still sounding. A churn in her stomach brought her eyes from the city and to the bag at her side. Within that bag was the artifact that she knew to once reside in Sorret. What if the legends where true? What if that thing...what if? She shook her head and took her eyes back before her.

Max glanced to West when he began to catch up. "So, during a time of possible parole, you take time to speak to some woman?" he asked distantly, returning his eyes to their path.

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West made his face blank, like be always did when he was on duty. "I thought she may have had information on the king. I had saw her in the castle before we left, I was wondering why she left as well." He paused, "her information wasn't useful." West glanced behind him and noted the direction the women left in and also check down the road to see if their was any sign of Braylon. There wasn't.

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((I posted with Braylin making his escape :D. I'll have him have a detour trip soon.))

Max wasn't exactly trying to be mean when he had commented on West speaking with the woman. He wouldn't of minded any other day. But, the fact Braylin might be dead didn't help at all in his mode. His eyes were still before them. He wondered what the woman's reasoning for leaving so abruptly was. She must have left rather quick if West had saw her in the castle earlier. Max shrugged off questioning it. It didn't matter.

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West waited to speak again. Finally he couldn't bare the silence any longer, or the castle wall that was getting smaller and smaller in the distance. "Lord Max, perhaps I should go back. I could scout the are around the wall without being seen and look for Braylin." West didn't expect Max to agree, but it was worth a try.

((Ya I read it after lol i liked it a lot. oh and I commented in Malcerics castle a while ago just to let you know. Unless I missed your post or something))

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Max actually respected West for the desire of wanting to return to find their friend. But, it was a risk he wouldn't allow. If Braylin managed to make it out of the castle, Max knew that Braylin could handle himself enough to get away and somewhere safe. But, if he was still inside, there wouldn't be anything they could do anyways. So, it would be pointless to return. "If he gets over the walls, he will be able to get himself somewhere safe and eventually back to Sorrel," Max said dully. "Going back would only risk losing someone else."

((off to it now. and glad you liked his escape :D))

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West nodded and continued riding in silence. But the silence only made his mind turn toward the women who wouldn't give him her name. The thief who stole a so called dragons egg from Braxton that belonged to the Sorrels. He couldn't fathom this story. It must be a stone, a carving out of some really rare rock. Maybe the from the mountains of Amethyst deep in the West mountains behind Sorret. Yes, that's it. But as much as West tried to convince himself that it was not a dragons egg, the more he began to see just how possible that might be.

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Max forced himself to not look over his shoulder to the city that disappeared slowly in the distance. Just keep riding, he told himself. The sooner they got back home, the better they could prepare. Max pushed his heels into the horse's sides and got the creature to speed up. The least Max could do would be to prepare their city for the upcoming war. So, he would hurry. If he couldn't ensure his best friend's safety, he would ensure their city's.

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West walked in silence for a while, only the sound of hoves echoed in the forest around them. There were other people along the road but the farther they went, the less there was. Especially when they reached a fork in the road and took the one leading West. The one that would lead them to the city Sorret.

West started to feel a sense of home sickness, he was glad to be back. He never liked the big cities like Maneara and Warren. Sorret was big, but it was a quiet sort of big. People in the town liked to keep to themselves which used to get on West's nerves but now as he grew older he sort of liked it.

Eventually West's legs grew sore from the saddle and he had to say something. They had been riding well into dusk and they needed to stop. "Lord Max, perhaps we should stop and rest. Wait for Braylin to catch up. If he is being perused we will be no use to him worn out." West new there was a Inn further up in a small town named Whitlock. West figured they should stop there.

((If Max decides to stop there, im going to put up a thing in the small towns folder that we can post there :) ))

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((They can go there :). I think I may make Braylin have to take a much longer way. If you want to make a character for him to run into, you can. But you dont have too :).))

Max had been ignoring any form of pain he felt, numb to everything nearly. He had no plans of what to do, so he just rode, not a thought going through his mind as he did so. It was not until West spoke that Max began to come from his trance state he had been in. "Yes, I agree. We should stop for awhile and rest." It would be the best thing. This way they would get to gain some of their energy back and may allow Braylin a chance to catch up...if he had managed to escape. "Do you believe the King will be sending men after us or just reserving them and preparing for a more tactical attack?"

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