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Why is this book so popular?

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I love this book but what I am trying to say is I have read many books similar to this and the story was so easily done, I mean when people write books they always go a different direction than just write a plain college love story.
So why is this book so popular than others?

Abigail its not plain and you said yourself you loved it so the answer should be easy just ask yourself why you loved it

Terri For me.... I felt It was VERY well written. Travis was such a likable, everyday character,(Don't get me wrong, I love my CEO's, Bikers and Rockers). I love great character development and with that you don't always need tons of drama and sex. It was a wonderful!

Betsy I think the "taming the bad boy" theme often makes for good fiction. In this particular story, Abby didn't set out to tame Travis at all.

I agree that the character development was excellent. Quirky little twists (like poker!) kept the story fresh. Very well done.

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C.R. McBride I loved the story, I love imperfect characters that have to work hard for their love but what I jumped for joy at was the direction she took towards the end where the main characters changed completely in my eyes and I just thought "Thats brilliant!" the story did not need to go there but it made an already brilliant story fantastic!!!

Sorry trying not to give the plot away to those who have not read it ha ha

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Katie Mcsweeney I loved the way their relationship seemed believable. He was a proper rough boy and she was a normal girl... like many of us readers :) but they changed in little ways for each other.

This is slightly off topic can anyone recommend something that might appeal to someone who loved this?? The French movie "Rust and Bone" definitely springs to mind for me.

(I know that the second book is out in April)

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KJ Katie, try My Favorite Mistake.

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Katie Mcsweeney Thanks for the suggestion Karen :) I'll give it a bash but I'm not sue if he is enough of a bad boy for my liking!

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