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*Spoiler Alert!*

Although the season 3 finale had so many twists and turns, I think the most shocking of all things was the ending, it just wouldn't be Pretty Little Liars without a text from A and a massive cliff-hanger which will leave us guessing until the Summer premiere.

So whats in the Trunk? We all know that Detective WIlden has always played a major role in the investigation as to who killed Ali. He has that creepy vibe and at times I just never know what he's capable of next. Hanna and Aria thought their troubles were solved when they pushed the cop car into the lake, I doubt they had even suspected they would see it again. We've seen the police video dozen of times now, Hanna's mom runs over Wilden, but with a shocking twist we see Shauna and Jenna helping Wilden up. but to me, the most shocking of all was when Spencer called the girls to the trunk where they open it up and reveal...something jaw dropping!

What was or who was in the trunk? How did it get there and why?

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments It could be Allison's dead body
But I have no idea!! Last episode was AMAZING

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Jenny527 Maybe Wilden and Jenna got rid of Shauna because she knows too much? Or Ceecee.

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Tatem | 51 comments does this mean it Ali ghost or herself in the red sweat shirt

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Pamela I think its a person for sure in the trunk, but I have no idea who it could be?

Maggie .:*Adrian's Soulmate*:. | 12 comments One of my friends read something on the Internet by the producer that said (in response to people asking what's in the trunk) it's not a 'what' it's a 'who'. I think it's Jenna because she got that message from A that said to go somewhere that night at about the same time. I can't wait to find out for sure on June 11th!!!!!

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Katlin (katlin_jones16) | 1 comments Cece of Jenna. Jenna knew a lot in general. And Cece knew a lot about Alison.

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Logan | 4 comments I think it is CeCe! I know Wilden knew CeCe, and it is his car… Maybe something happened between them?

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments @Maggie I think you're right. Usually when someone has to meet -A they end up dead or close to it.

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Rose | 7 comments I think its Cece!

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