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*Spoiler Alert!*

I'm back and I'm ready to start the new theories before the summer premiere which I know seems far away, but will be here before we know it.
Anyways, if you've watched the season 3 finale we learned some big secrets and even though questions were answered, I still have a few. Marlene King is always leaving us guess and wouldn't be Rosewood if secrets weren't still hidden.

Red Coat Recap: Going into this, I had many suspicions as to who "She" could be. Alison, Courtney if your going for the twin theory, CeCe, Meredith, or even a brunette wearing the blond wig we found in A's liar. Well, as of the episode it was revealed that the Red Coat Spencer saw in the bathroom was actually a set up by her friends and Spencer was stunned to see Hanna. But before anyone says the writers were lying when they said they would reveal who Red Coat is, they did in fact show us when the girls plus Mona were surrounded by flames in a house who we are still trying to figure out set the fire. Any who, Spencer, Mona, and Hanna were all able to get a glimpse at who Red Coat was before she snuck away. The person...well lets just say they have a strong resemblance towards Ali.

Heres the theories...
We all know that no one in Rosewood is ever really dead...the people we have come to see in Rosewood always return in some way whether it be in reality or a dream. So this leaves me with the questions... Was it Ali? Are the writers bringing in the twin theory? Was it a mask like Mona said? If was then it could be anyone.

Who do you think is Red Coat and why?

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments It's either Ali, Courtney, cece, or Jenna wearing a disguise.

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Pamela I think it will be Courtney, Ali's twin because they have been dragging this story long enough and I don't believe (if you have read the books) that they would change the main plot of the books Sara Shepard has written.

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments Yeah.

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Tatem | 51 comments I didn't know Ali had a twin sister how did u know?

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments @Tatum the books

Maggie .:*Adrian's Soulmate*:. | 12 comments **SPOILER ALERT!**
That fire happened in the books. Alison started it, and then pulled the girls out after they were in there for a while. She pulled them out to make them think that she really is their Ali later in the books when she confesses that she is the real Ali. Her parents tell the world that she is Courtney, Ali's twin, but really Courtney was the liars 'Ali' and the real, evil Ali was in the mental hospital as Courtney. She used pulling the girls out of the fire to convince them that she really was their friend so she could get them close enough to kill them once and for all. I think the same thing happened in the show, and my prediction is that the police will falsely convict someone of the murder (like in the books) and then Courtney will be revealed. The scene where she tries to kill them once and for all will probably be the season 4 finale.

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