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Seven Minutes in Heaven (The Lying Game, #6)
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seven minuets in heaven

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message 1: by Gillian (new)

Gillian | 2 comments this is going to be the next and last lying game book. any predictions?

Daniel Marines (danielmarines) | 1 comments I think Ethan killed Sutton or that she's just in a coma or doing the ultimate Lying Game prank

message 3: by Gadir (new) - added it

Gadir (gadir_m) | 2 comments So that is the last book!! Wow I'm Going to miss the series :(

ranya (ranya3394) | 20 comments I know! I'm gonna miss it too

message 5: by Emily (new) - added it

Emily | 1 comments I just finished Cross My Heart Hope to Die...I can't wait until July 30!! Dying to know who did it....

ranya (ranya3394) | 20 comments OMG OMG OMG! I'm so excited! Seven minutes in heaven comes out this month! The conclusion of the series... We will finally find out who killed Sutton! **SPOILER ALERT*** (and Nisha) **whispers**

Gothology | 7 comments Daniel wrote: "I think Ethan killed Sutton or that she's just in a coma or doing the ultimate Lying Game prank"

she cant be in a coma because they found her body read the blurb its true and i got the book today and read it

Manda Panda | 7 comments I think it was Ethan! Nisha might have been snooping in Ethan's file and found something Emma might have wanted to know and Ethan maybe killed her for it? I really dont know but im on a waiting list for the last book!!! Cant wait!!

Maggie .:*Adrian's Soulmate*:. | 4 comments I just got it at the library and I'm reading it now!

Maggie .:*Adrian's Soulmate*:. | 4 comments Guys I finished it I KNOW WHO KILLED SUTTON OMG!!

ranya (ranya3394) | 20 comments I DID TOOOOOO!!!!! I'm so sad!

Diana Bublé | 1 comments I cry like a baby. I want my happy ending. Just like Emma hope to Sutton being alive, but I guess it was the best end that Sara can give us. So sad for Sutton =(

bailey blu (itbeblu) WHO KILLED SUTTON!!!!!! TELLME!!!!!!

Lama  K (thefaultofourauthors) | 9 comments I think it was Ethan. I googled up but still reading the bk

bailey blu (itbeblu) thx, i gots to know Im getting the book soon so im just dying to knw

Lama  K (thefaultofourauthors) | 9 comments Yea i felt the same way over the summer. I was out of the country and couldnt wait until i got back hime to find out who killed sutton

bailey blu (itbeblu) im super excited!!!!!! im gonna my book!!!!

Lama  K (thefaultofourauthors) | 9 comments It had the sweetest ending. Sara Shepard is a really talented author

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