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Attaining Happiness

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First this really has nothing to do with the book on the surface of the question.
I just need you guys to answer som questions for me.

1) What is your belief? (ie Christianity,atheism,Jewish,ect)

2) What is your definition of happiness.

3) How can we attain happiness? Justify your answer.

Thank you for the help.

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Faith, this is for my thesis I just picked one of the books that I believed I would get the most response. I wanted to hear peoples opinions on the matter. I thought this book discussion would get more results than it would on one under the Symposium.

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This is not a religious debate, I just need questions answered. Once there is some answers to the questions I am not commenting anymore. If you will not answer the questions step out of the discussion page.

message 4: by Sara (last edited Mar 22, 2013 10:40AM) (new)

Sara Sounds like Katelyn's asking everyone else to write her "thesis" for her. Notably, however, no institution of higher ed would accept such a broad "thesis" as an acceptable topic unless she finds a new angle on it. The idea's been done to death. Dead horse beaten until squishy. Which would mean she's trying to create an opportunity to troll. Definitely worth a flag.

The_Halfblood_Muslim -islam
-having ALOT of sushi

John OMG Faith thanks for pointing this out

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forget the first question

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God is good! I hope...

message 9: by Annia (new) - added it

Annia 1- hedgewitch (NOT wicca)
2 - books
3 - reading

Bhawna Kumar 1- Not inclined to anything particular
2-a state of mind mostly contentment
3-By being true to ourselves in a world where everbody is trying to change us.When your thoughts mirror your action.If there is no inner conflict and you compete with yourself ,push your boundaries ,discover your capability.Treat life as a game or a play and you do your character justice discovering rules ...

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I think most people would answer question 3 with "Reading Harry Potter."

Jackie 1: My belief is that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry should exist.
2: Happiness is what happens when you reach the part of the 1st book when Harry is drafted onto the Quidditch team.
3: To attain happiness, Harry Potter should be required to be read at least once every summer. Why? Because it requires passion, and passion leads to commitment, which leads to happiness.

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