The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao question

If you are just getting started reading the book, what are your initial impressions?
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Here is where you can discuss your first impressions of the book if you are just getting started.

It was quite a while ago that I read this book, but it always stands out in my mind as a one of, admittedly few, exemplifying cases for persisting with a book you're not that fond of. My empathy for the character(s) somehow managed to jump from non-existent in the beginning to quite heartfelt towards the end. I would vote to stick with this one.

I loved this book. I got a kick out of the narrator's irreverent voice, and the characters and story were intriguing to me.

But it doesn't make sense to stay with a book that turns you off.

I am about 150 or so pages in (just finished the chapter about his mother's past in Dominica).

My first impression: it's really thick.

Some books are like soup, easy reading, skimmable material but still tasty and satisfying when you've finished the book. This book is more like a hearty beef stew, or maybe even gumbo. You have to read it slowly and savor it.

I liked the beginning part about Oscar but I'm not completely sold on the asides about his sister and mother. The style is enough to keep my attention though.

I hated this book. I wanted so desperately to love it, but some things are impossible.

My initial thoughts on the book were that I would be stuck to google while reading it. Not even for the Spanish translation, but to look up Dominican history. Within the first 5 pages, I put the book down to engross myself in the history of fuku', Trujillo, and other things mentioned in the book.

It is a little slow in the beginning but worth it
As for the language I believe the author is being true to his experience

I agree with Brad, would add that it is heart-rending, and that I would read Oscar a second time, and more by Junot Diaz.

I think the book is a very good read. I like the beginning with the historical insight and the 'easy tongue' of the narrator. And later how the book isn't narrated by just one person it gives Oscar a more well-rounded character.

It certainly isn't a straight or traditional narrative but that is what gives it its edge. It perhaps isn't the most easy going of reads but it is by no means a fight and certainly well worth finishing.

deleted user Thanks for your descriptive explanation of your thoughts about the book. I like hearing that though it may not be an easy read, it is worth the effort ...more
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I thought this book was exceptionally good. Funny, sexy and terrifying all at the same time. Keep reading. It's worthwhile.

I'm about 150 pages in and I'm really enjoying it but also have no idea where this is going to go!

I felt the same way Althea did. I must like the strange and quirky books because I kept reading it and found it a bit interesting.

Just finished reading this for the first time and I think it was fantastic. It's quirky, tragic, funny and incredibly moving, and I highly recommend persevering with it. I'm writing my thesis on multi-ethnic American literature and this is one of the texts I'll be using now because I loved it so much.

I liked the fuku bit.

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