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message 1: by JoLene, Mistress of the Challenge (last edited Apr 01, 2013 05:45PM) (new)

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1352 comments Mod
Mini-Challenge - Scavenger Hunt - April 2013

This month we will go questing, a seek and find in our favorite thing: BOOKS!!

How this challenge works:
Attached is a list of people, places and things to find in a book. Simply read a book which mentions one of the items to mark it off the list. You may find up to 3 items in any one book.

Participants may join at any time during the challenge. The challenge last from April 1st until April 30st, 2013.

1) Books must be at least 200 pages long. Eligibility for this is determined by the most popular edition on Goodreads. If the most popular edition is 197 pages, it will not count, even if the edition read is 215 pages.

2) ALL books must be completed and points recorded by 11:59p EST on April 30st, 2013 to count. Books started prior to April 1st will not be counted.

4) Re-reads and audiobooks are accepted. Audiobook page counts will be determined by the most popular edition on Goodreads.

***Please report all points in the Reporting Points Thread***
Report Points Here

5) This will be a non-scoring challenge (since I will be travelling much of April). Each person will create a post with the listing of items. As you find the items, you will report which book had the item. You may use each book to cross off 1, 2 or 3 items.

6) Although we aren’t scoring, there are levels of participation:

Missing Person Specialist: Find all the people.
Travelling PI: Find all the settings.
Lost and Found Specialist: Find all the things.
Master Class PI: Find everything on the list.

7) For the people, a character in the book must have either the first or last name (you don’t have to do both). A derivative for the name can count (Jeff for Geoffrey). Authors names do NOT count. For places and things, it must be an exact match to the word listed. If there are two words separated by a “/”, then you can use one or the other.

8) Happy Questing!!!
Items to search for:

People: (use first or last name of character)
Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great, Anne Boleyn, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Clinton, Catherine the Great, Charles Dickens, David Livingstone, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Florence Nightingale, Geoffrey Chaucer, George Washington, Henry Tudor, Jane Austen, Jean Plaidy, John Kennedy, Josephine Bonaparte, Leonardo di Vinci, Marie Antoinette, Marco Polo, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella, Richard III, Thomas Jefferson, Vladimir Lenin, William Shakespeare, Walter Scott

Places (must be exact word, “/” means either word is acceptable)
abbey, airport, apartment, bookstore, Bejing, barn, castle/chateaux, farm, fair/carnival, high school, house, inn/hotel, Japan, library, London, New York, Paris, restaurant, ship, skyscraper/high-rise, stables, theater, university

Things: (must be exact word, “/” means either word is acceptable)
automobile/car, bread, bridge, cart, chimney, dagger, dog, eyeglasses, gun, horse, mantle, mirror, moat, money, paper, river, shield, stockings, sword, table

Please ask your questions below!

message 2: by CassieV (new)

CassieV | 162 comments Wow, looks great AND lets me get caught up with some misc reading that won't fit the normal challenges! Love it!

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) | 2967 comments Do we have to claim ahead of time which one we are going to do?

message 4: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) Is there a specific genre we have to read from?

message 5: by JoLene, Mistress of the Challenge (new)

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1352 comments Mod
@ Jayme, nope --- you can see how far you get.

@ Leslie, there is no genre requirement ( although some items are probably more easily found in a HF book). Also, I will open up a thread for scoring so that this thread is just for questions. You can move your post above to the scoring thread.

message 6: by Sue (new)

Sue | 166 comments Very important question - which Henry Tudor? ;)

Just kidding - it makes no difference to the challenge :)

message 7: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) Thanks, JoLene!! I will move it!

message 8: by Kathy (new)

Kathy  | 84 comments SCAVENGER HUNT

1. Abbey
2. airport
3. apartment
4. bookstore
5. Beiging
6. barn
7. castle/chateaux
8. farm
9. fair/carnival
10. highschool
11. house
12. inn/hotel
13. Japan
14. library
15. London
16. New York
17. Paris
18. restaurant
19. ship
20. sky-scraper/high-rise
21. stables
22. theater
23. university

message 9: by JoLene, Mistress of the Challenge (new)

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1352 comments Mod
@Kathy, please use the scoring thread to track your points. It is located here: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1...

message 10: by Cheryl A (new)

Cheryl A | 970 comments JoLene - Not a question, but a comment. This is going to be so much fun!!! The very first book I read, Heavenly Pleasures, is set in modern Melbourne. I knew I could get bread, restaurant and apartment out of this, but ended up with moat, Walter Scott, Alexander the Great and Charles Dickens - all exact!! Now to choose.

Thank you so much for your creativity and efforts. I love the challenges - they make reading even more fun!!

Jayme(the ghost reader) (jaymeiltheghostreader) | 2967 comments So how do you want us to record this? Just like for example:7) castle-"title of book"

message 12: by JoLene, Mistress of the Challenge (new)

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1352 comments Mod
Thanks Cheryl, I can't take all the credit as I prowl other groups for ideas. Sue, who had the idea of the Readopoly, pointed out a movie star madness challenge in one of her groups. And as they say in Australia --- good on you for finding all of those things I. Your first book.

Jayme, yes -- just record the book title next to the item.

message 13: by CassieV (new)

CassieV | 162 comments For the People list, does the character need to be a main character or is it okay if they're only in one or two scenes?

Also, can we find more than one thing per list per book? (two words off the places list, for example, as long as we don't count more than three total)

message 14: by JoLene, Mistress of the Challenge (new)

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1352 comments Mod
I would say that it needs to be at least a secondary character or someone who has a pivotal impact to the plot, even though they may not be in a lot of scenes.

You can use one book for up to three items, and the items can be on any of the lists.

message 15: by CassieV (new)

CassieV | 162 comments Sounds good, thanks :)

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