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The Great Succession Crisis (Peers of Beinan, #1)
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RaR - The Great Succession Crisis

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JJ Holding Book Title - The Great Succession Crisis
Author - Laurel A. Rockefeller
ages 14 and up: some non-graphic violence, suggested sexual content, mild sexual violence.
Summary - The Great Succession Crisis is the story of young
Princess Anlei, daughter of Beinan's sovereign Queen Isabelle who faces a personal and political crisis when the Great Council of Beinan refuses to overturn an ancient law rooted in the clan warfare of their distant past. This law states that no woman may pass the crown to her daughter, only to a son.

After the Great Council refuses the royal petition to change the law, Anlei finds herself a political pawn in a chess game of competing noble houses with nothing less than her virtue, her life, and the future of planet Beinan at stake in this political thriller that will have you guessing right through the final chapter.

Extended Edition features two bonus chapters, all five data files, plus behind the scenes articles on history, Beinarian astronomy, cosmology, even Beinarian religions and a recipe for Beinarian slatkos. The data files are annotated by book three character Anne Doyle for a series preview you won't want to miss. Also includes chapter one of book two, "Ghosts of the Past," and the prequel short story, "The First King."

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Kyra Halland (kyrahalland) I'll give this one a read. mobi, please.

L.L. Watkin (LLWatkin) | 41 comments I will give it a go.

L.L. Watkin (LLWatkin) | 41 comments I will give it a go.

L.L. Watkin (LLWatkin) | 41 comments Review posted :-)

The Great Succession Crisis (Peers of Beinan, #1) The Great Succession Crisis by Laurel A. Rockefeller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I found this a bit peculiar, a bit like a mash up of a science fiction novel and a history textbook, complete with inserts from a "far future looking back at it all" style narrator, reams of exposition and lengthy appendices covering the author's research into world building aspects. It's clear that the author has given considerable time and energy to creating a complicated and different world, including new weights and measures, religions and hierarchies. She also clearly has mapped out many generations of dynastic struggles, of which this is only the first salvo.

It's a shame then that this opening story isn't complex enough to support its scenery. The protagonist is a princess who can't inherit because of a sexist rule, so there's a gap in the succession. Her parents have known this since they ascended the throne themselves years before, but decided to use the cross your fingers and hope style of resolving problems, thus leaving our heroine in a fix. There's a modest amount of political wrangling, teenage romance and mild peril which may or may not warrant the title "crisis". It's all wrapped up in 200 pages (plus 100 pages of appendices).

I gave it three stars for likeable cast, solid (if traditional) plot and the effort put in to research. I'd have given it more if that research hadn't buried the other elements so completely.

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