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Lucy Guerra (lucy3) | 2 comments Hi all! This is my first post, and I'm desperately searching my brain for the title and author of a book. The book is about a girl from Florida that takes off for Bluegrass Country at the age of 19 (or there about) to play in a Bluegrass Band. She gets pregnant, then when the girl child is about 6, she is killed in an accident. The book is very lyrical, and has a lot of music imagery. In fact, during the depth of her depression after the loss of her child, she talks about finding "the perfect note..." and that note leading her to her dead daughter. I think the author's husband is Gurney Norman, PhD from UK's English department, but I can't swear on that. If any of you can help me with the Title and Author, I'd be forever grateful. I lent the book out, an it never returned to me.

Thanks a ton.


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Lucy Guerra (lucy3) | 2 comments THANK YOU!!! I've been searching for 2 hours, and FINALLY figured it out. I was just coming back here to post my findings. It is Come and Go Molly Snow. My sister was taking a class with the Author's husband at UK (or was she already at Hollins?) when the book was published. What a fantastic book. I cried until my eyes were puffy and read... then I went back and read it again.

Thanks Mockturtle for the quick response.

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