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Mad Gods: Predatory Ethics: Book 1 (Volume 1)
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Mad Gods Predatory Ethics Book 1 (Volume 1) by Athanasios Athanasios
Genre: Occult/Horror/Thriller
Page Count: 51

Book Description:
For fans of Dan Brown, Garth Nix, Michael Baignet, Joseph Campbell & Elaine Pagels, the Omen & the Exorcist... Every chapter includes illustrated covers with unique & individualized art.

MG-Redux Volume I is the first four chapters of Mad Gods.

2-Truimph of Xos
3-Dangerous Words

- Monaxia -
Kostadino Paleologos returns every year to release trapped souls. It is 1962 and he will release Kostadino XI, his ancestor from restlesly walking the ancient, Byzantine defences he ruled when Istanbul was Kostadinoupoli.

-Triumph of Xos -
Kostadino follows his ancestor’s orders to find the last Byzantine, imperial tutor; Georgios Gemistos Plethon at the ruins of Mystra built long ago with the stones of ancient Sparta.

- Dangerous Words -
Kostadino finds for the lost, mythic Library of Alexandria. In it he searches for an ancient codex read only in daylight.
The Idammah-Gan Codex catalogues the lives of a soul searching for a life more ordinary.

- Zealots -
Kostadino reads the Idammah- Gan Codex and is transfixed. He decides to change the soul’s destiny. To give it a chance to decide whether in its final incarnation it will follow the life laid out in St John’s Apocalypse.

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Mark | 2 comments Hi I would be interested in reading a book

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Hi Mark, what format, and we need an email to send it to. Thanks!

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Cherry Lemonade (cherrylemonade) | 17 comments Hi I would like to review it! EPub would be great!

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sent in your request Cherry

Athanasios (athanos) | 39 comments I've tried to promote my work by posting trailers, links and blurbs about the stories found therein. Then I thought it might be more fun to show illustrations I did for each of the chapters of my first effort, Mad Gods. I'll keep posting one chapter everyday. Hope you like them and if you do please share with whoever you think might enjoy.

Trailers are all at:

Here's Chapter I: Monaxia

Brenda (brendareads) | 34 comments I'm in!


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Sent your request Brenda

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