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Kambree Swanson This book was really good! The beginning was way weird and i thought that i wouldn't like it but after reading like ten pages, you really get to know the characters and the situation and it hooks you!

Niki don't read Palace of Stone! It's terrible. I read both and the first was good but the second book just destroyed the characters

The_Halfblood_Muslim i loved this book
it made me think that there was more hope in this world
that not everything is about sex

Niki Tirzah wrote: "@Niki I think the first one was better; however, I still enjoyed "Palace of Stone"...was there something specific you didn't like about it?

I didn't like the plot at all. The first book was really good. I loved it but in the second book, the characters didn't seem the same anymore. Nothing happened and when it did, I felt that I didn't even care. I guess the second book bored me.

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