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[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Hello again! tee hee~

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Hello to you too :)

So anything specific you'd like to RP? I'll pretty much do anything.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments No, nothing really. I just don't like doing realistic RPs; they're not that fun. However, if it's realistic with touches of fantasy stuff, then I'm perfectly fine with it. :3 I think we can handle a complex plot. What do you think?

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments I agree completely. I've done realistic ones before and they start good then it just gets really boring.

I think we can handle something complex. Complex is so much more fun :D

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Unrealistic ones give you more freedom and creativity to do things. I hate not being able to use my imagination and creativity to do things.

Yes! And with twists and turns... Yay! I don't have any ideas that are actually complex. We can work something.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Yeah, neither do I xD We could just come up with a vague idea for now and add things as we go if you'd like.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Sure. :) For some reason, I keep thinking of Foreign Powers... >.> Humans with supernatural abilities... Something like that? Travel the world for something... ._.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Sounds good to me but shhhh Matthew doesn't need to know his idea is being used xD

Do you have a gender preference or would you like to do doubles?

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Ptsh. Who says we're using his idea? I only said humans with supernatural abilities and traveling the world. Foreign Powers was just on my mind when I was typing that. What are you talking about? xD

I'd rather not do doubles. ._. It doesn't matter which I be; I'm fine with either.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments I don't really care either xD

I just had my mom hold out her fists, making one female and the other male...then I picked one...she thinks I'm insane.

If you don't mind I'll be the female? But if you'd prefer the girl, I honestly don't care.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I think we're too agreeable or something. xD

Sure. :) If we're adding other characters to the plot, we should each do a boy and a girl.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Lol, being agreeable just makes things run faster and much more smoothly.

Okay :D So supers right? I shall start working on her, not sure how long it will take though. xD

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Indeed.

Yep. Humans with supernatural abilities... Now I'm thinking of Max Ride... >.> It's fine. :) I'll take a while too... Maybe a couple of days...

I'm thinking that their history should tide in with the RP or something. Less work maybe?

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments I bought the last book of Maximum Ride ages ago...still haven't read it though...

I agree. Do we want them to know each other already or meet during the RP?

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I haven't read the series, but I have read three of the graphic novels. It's pretty interesting...

They should already know each other. It's easier...

And, and, and, and... I remembered there was this idea that I wanted to use for an RP, but decided to make it a story, but I never got to it, and now I'm thinking if we can try and incorporate that in. We'll still keep the supernatural abilities. :3

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments The books were good...I think, I haven't read them in a while xD

I love hearing people's story ideas :D Shoot.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I have yet to read them. I have too many books right now. xP

Here goes:
(view spoiler)

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments G2g. Good night.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments I really like it! So I agree 100% with this idea :)

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Me too, night.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Yay! xD We should pick a better name for the avatars if you want. The word "avatar" sounds too commonly used for that. :/

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Yeah, I'll try to think of something but I'm currently sitting in my English class so I'll be responding in between periods xD

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments So am I. haha. For the avatars, should we just put very basic info about them or none at all?

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Since their going to play a bigish part we should probably put down some basic information.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Okay. Just so you know, I'm not entirely sure what their role really is, but I was thinking that B's avatar noticed something different about A's avatar's personality because they're friends. If that made sense. ._.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Sounds good to me, if we want to change anything later on we can just deal with it then.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Okay. Looks like we're all set for making our characters and starting the RP.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Yep, I'll get started :D

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Okay~ I won't be on the computer until tonight, so I won't be able to start 'till then. I'm excited. ^^

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments That's alright and me too!

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments **UNDER CONSTRUCTION**

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♠║ ▌███ ♛ ███ ▌║♠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Name: Guinevere Loretta Castillo
{Nickname}: Gwen

Age: Eighteen (18)
{Birthday}: January fifteenth


(view spoiler)

{Hair}: Gwen has a head of thick, flowing, coffee brown hair. Her wavy tresses cascade down her shoulders in all different shades of browns (natural highlights thanks to the sun) and stops a few inches above her bust in loose curls.
{Eyes}: Gwen's eyes are a shade of pale, cloudy blue that often look to be grey with light accents of blue, but it all depends on the lighting. No matter the color though, Gwen's eyes are often filled with a welcoming warmth along with a hint of guarded mystery.
♢Gwen's ever-changing eyes are surrounded by long, thick lashes that are envied by many.
{Height}: Gwen is average height, possibly slightly taller, for a young woman her age standing at five foot eight inches.
♢Her long legs being the main reason for her height.
{Skin}: Gwen, thanks to her Latina blood, has a naturally tan complexion that can be described as golden, olive or mocha, whichever your choice of adjective is in the end it means the same. Her tanned skin is soft and smooth to the wandering hand as well as unmarked to the seeing eye.
♢She has a birthmark in the shape of a diamond on her shoulder.
{Body type}: Gwen isn't one of those stick think girls that starves themselves to make sure they are small enough to fit into their tiny bikinis during the warmer seasons of the year. Don't get me wrong though, she is still skinny but she just has meat on her bones as well leaving her with obvious curves in the proper places and a healthy glow. Her limbs are long and toned, her tanned legs going on for miles with the shape of a runner's or dancer's.
{Bone Structure}: Gwen has an angular, sharp bone structure that give her prominent cheek bones and jaw line.
{Other Features}:
♢Gwen has full, bow-shaped lips that are a natural shade of dark pink that would be described as the color of a virgin's blush.

Supernatural Abilities:

Healing: Gwen has the gift to heal others, not herself. All she must do is place her hand on the injured being, close her eyes, and imagine it perfectly fine. Her gift does have its drawbacks though, like the fact that when she heals someone their pain is transferred to her, she doesn’t receive their injury and remains unharmed but she will still feel the full force of the pain. The pain will disappear when the healing process is finished which, depending on the injury, could take several minutes. Along with the pain the longer she uses her gift the more her energy is depleted, after healing someone she tends to feel physically drained and lightheaded and sometimes, if it is an especially drastic wound that takes more time to heal, she could possibly black out.

Empathy: When Gwen wants to she can sense people’s emotions and, if she tries hard enough, transfer her emotions to another person. All it takes is to look into the other person’s eyes or touch them. She can turn this gift on and off at will so she doesn’t have to worry about feeling other people’s emotions every time she touches someone. Note: She rarely ever uses this gift, she feels nosey when she does.


Personality: Gwen is a girl filled with passion, kindness, determination, anger, faith, pain, love and so much more. Gwen’s heart is filled with love and kindness to all those she meets, she is kind to everybody and is always wearing a welcoming smile. Well, I wouldn’t say always seeing as if you are rude or she for some reason doesn’t like you, she won’t hide it. But more often than not, Gwen is nice to everybody she meets, always treating them with respect and just being kind. As mentioned previously, if Gwen for some reason does not like you she will not pretend to like you, she will simply ignore you or tell you flat out that she doesn’t like you. She is rather blunt in that way but sometimes people find her honesty refreshing. That’s another thing about Gwen, she won’t ever lie, not even if it is to make someone feel better. She thinks that if you lie to make someone feel better and then when they find out the truth later, which they usually do anyway, it will be ten times worse, so it’s better to let them know the truth to begin with rather than forcing them to face the pain later. So if you don’t believe you can handle the truth, don’t ask Gwen. She is usually a happy girl, smiling and laughing a lot and always finding something to be happy about, but if you pay enough attention you can tell she is holding back; laughing softer than she normally would, her smile staying smaller than it should be and her eyes aren’t completely filled with joy. Gwen refuses to let herself feel complete happiness or love, she is afraid of what will happen if she opens herself to such bliss once again, she couldn’t bare it if she lost such happiness again.

Gwen is someone that when she wants to do something, is told to do something, or wants something bad enough she will do whatever she can to achieve her goal. She has a very strong passion towards the things she enjoys and feels determined to succeed at everything she does. Her strong sense of passion and determination causes her to be rather stubborn and maybe even a little prideful; she doesn’t like asking others for help, she prefers to do things all on her own even if it is harder that way; asking for help is like a blow to her pride. As far as stubbornness goes she can be rather hardheaded. Gwen thinks the way she wants to think, she doesn’t let others push her around or push their ideas on her. When she has her mind set on something it would probably take a near death experience, possibly even death itself, to get her to give up or change her mind. Gwen is a very smart girl and yes, she knows her stubborn ways are slightly stupid since she isn’t always right and that you should give up when things get that bad, but she just can’t seem to change, but then again, she doesn’t really want to.

Even though Gwen is generally kind and happy she does have a short fuse, meaning, she gets angry quite easily. Gwen doesn’t tolerate rude people and will completely fume with rage when she sees people being rude to others. She is also very protective of those she cares about, so you don’t want to say or do anything to her family or any of her friends unless you want a really angry brunette on your hands. In the instances I just mentioned, Gwen is scary and can even be considered dangerous if you make her angry enough, but if you are simply teasing her and mange to push her buttons a few too many times she isn’t scary at all, actually, she is quite cute. She tries to come off as an angry lioness but usually just comes off as an angry kitten. Just as Gwen has a strong sense of passion and determination she also has a strong sense of loyalty. Gwen will always stand by the side of the people she cares for and do whatever she must to keep them safe. She is also someone that will stand up for a person that she had never met before; if someone is being cruel to someone she has never seen before in her life she will step in and help them, she will always defend those that can’t defend themselves.

Gwen is also a very witty, sarcastic girl that fights with words rather than violence and that most people enjoy talking too. She isn’t a shy girl at all and could walk up to a random stranger and have a conversation about absolutely anything, even if she doesn’t know what the other person is talking about she will simply listen and ask questions. Gwen is rather outgoing and does what she wants, she doesn’t care what other people think of her and though she doesn’t like people who are rude and will defend others, if someone says something about her she usually just smile and shrug it off. That is if she isn’t in a bad mood or is bored; she tends to amuse herself by having verbal battles with those who don’t even know how to comprehend her insults let alone come up with decent ones themselves. Overall, Gwen is person that people love to be around; she just has something about her that makes people smile.

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[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Name: Cayden Waylon Everett
Nickname: Cay
Age: 19
Birthday: December 23


Skin: Cayden has a fair complexion that is like apricot. Although he spends time outside of the house, his skin tone is still quite light. His apricot skin is nearly free of blemishes; he has a scar on his right shin that he received when he was younger.
Hair: Cayden has fine medium golden brown hair. His hair is in even straight strands so that when it’s wet, it looks like he has less hair.
Eye: Cayden’s eyes are a hazel color that are more light brown than green. His eyes are always focused and filled with warmth. They are also curious eyes, quite perspective. Cayden has myopia, or nearsightedness, so he has glasses to see better at farther distances. He doesn’t use his glasses that often though.
Height: Possibly the tallest child in the family and one of the tallest in the grade, Cayden stands at a tall height of six-foot-one (6’1”). The main reason for his tall height is because he does track and basketball.
Body Type: Cayden could really care less about having muscular body; he thinks men who have that much muscle are simply gross. He doesn’t work out at the gym, but being a track runner and a basketball player gave him an athletic and fit build.
Distinguished Features: The scar on his right shin that’s shaped something like a crescent moon.



Cayden is one of the optimistic, carefree, happy-go-lucky type of people. He's all laughs and smiles, flashing a goofy grin or heartwarming smile to just about anyone. The way he explains happiness is that happiness is the warm and bright sun shining down on you on a perfect sunny day. Many people says it that Cayden himself is that bright sun, clearing the gloominess of others and cheering them up when they're down. Cayden takes things slowly, always going with the flow and taking his time to do stuff one step at a time. He doesn't worry about things until a much later date, usually when all the big events happen. Even then, he still doesn't take it very seriously. He simply laughs it off like it's nothing big. He's a kid, but he is still practical and serious; he just doesn't view things all seriously like others do. Cayden thinks that being too serious is the same as being stressed all the time. That's not fun, and it drains your energy easily. He likes to be free of that stress and just wants time to relax, despite people warning him that he's just playing around and that will get him into trouble in the future. Nonetheless, he dismisses it with a smile or a laugh. You just can't change his mind about his lax ways; he's stubborn about not being a go with the flow person.

Despite his carefreeness, Cayden is very patient and understanding. He doesn’t pretend to care about the situation and just listen so they can pity on the problem someone else is having; he doesn’t say things like, “Get over it.” and “It’s not that big of a deal. Handle it yourself.”. He actually tries to see the problem from the opposing view and helps out however much he can, especially to those who are feeling depressed and would most likely fall into depression and those who has a problem going on but can’t bring themselves to ask for help. He doesn’t like being a busybody and persistent about knowing about everything going on. If he’s asked to stay out of something, he will, but if it’s with an annoyed or angry tone, Cayden won’t step back and let their annoyance and anger take the best of them. In this way, he can be fierce and insistent about something, but that’s pretty rare.

Since Cayden takes things at his own leisurely pace, he is more observant and can react faster than most people. Behind that sunny mask of cheerfulness, Cayden is like someone who's from those movies where the villain plans everything out and lets others do the basic parts of his plan before he comes in. Cayden is like that: careful, observant, and thorough. He can also be serious and firm in unstable situations; he can easily turn situations around and approach them with a better way to do things.

Supernatural Abilities:
Blood Manipulation
Cayden has the power to control the blood of himself or of others (excluding animals). To manipulate the blood in someone, all Cayden has to do is to imagine what their actions or positions will be. He can also wave his hands around to move them, but he usually picture the actions happening mentally. It’s less obvious that he’s manipulating them and it looks more like he’s using psychic powers. The disadvantage of having someone under his complete control is that Cayden can only manipulate their blood for a time period of half an hour. Thirty minutes is his limit, but he can go over the limit if he wants to. However, going over will result in him passing out for the additional amount of time in hours he added to the half hour time limit. So, if he adds fifteen more minutes to the original half hour, he would be unconscious for about fifteen hours. Although it may seem like the con of manipulating someone’s blood may be too big for the power itself, it really isn’t; Cayden has that person fully under control and that person cannot resist or fight back his power. The drawback is basically a good counter effect of the supernatural ability.

Cayden don’t like controlling other people with his power even if they’re actions are negative. He believes that humans should have free control over their actions, so having this supernatural ability as his power contradicts his belief.

With the power of telepathy, Cayden can communicate with others mentally; a pretty cool power to have since he doesn't have to call others just to talk with them. Telepathy is so much faster and easier to handle. Whenever Cayden wants to talk to somebody, the other person will first hear low static which will gradually increase in volume for half a minute before Cayden's voice comes through. When the conversation is over, the static will return and decrease in volume until there is no sound left. Telepathy is Cayden's mental phone, but the only people he's ever communicated with are his family and his closest friends. The drawback of this power is that Cayden's range to communicate with others is about a third of the city.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments I'm slowly working on her history now xD

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I hate writing/typing the personalities of my characters. -.- I'm working on his profile.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Me too! I'm never satisfied half the time and I'm never sure what I want them to be like *sigh*

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Half the time, I don't know how to describe their personality; personally, I think it's better to RP them since you know how they act and behave and stuff.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I am TRYING to put his personality into words. All I have in mind are: optimistic, patient, thoughtful, practical, (somewhat) humorous, cool... Like the opposite of a player/bad boy. ._.'

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I can, like, only make one more paragraph out of his personality when I start that paragraph. Do you want to start the RP without the history complete? >.>

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Yeah, I think that'll be fine xD

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I'm not even sure how the history works in a 1x1 RP; the RP itself kind of ties in with the character's history , and I mean that for a lot of other 1x1's. I'll try and get that paragraph done tomorrow...which is today. ._.'

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments I agree and that's fine xD

I have thirty minutes till tomorrow becomes today.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Then I shall see/talk to you again in the morning. :3

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments I don't know how else to phrase that last paragraph. I tried. ._.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments It sounds good to me :D

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments Really? Thanks~

Do you want to try first person point of view for the RP? :3

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Welcome c:

Yeah, sure. I'd love to try it.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments How should we start?

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Not they could be at school or something and we could start when the storm starts.

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 843 comments How about when the storm starts when it's at the end of the school day?

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 187 comments Yeah, that's fine. Could you start?

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