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message 1: by Reza, The Curator (last edited Apr 12, 2013 09:15AM) (new)

Reza | 467 comments Mod
We have good news to share with all of you. OpenTrolley Bookstore is offering an e-voucher worth IDR. 20,000 for all eligible members* to be spent at its online store!
First of all, what or who is OpenTrolley Bookstore?

OpenTrolley Bookstore telah melayani membaca buku Indonesia sejak Januari 2012 melalui kantornya di Jakarta. Tahun lalu OpenTrolley Bookstore telah memenuhi ribuan pesanan dari 25 kota besar di Indonesia. Sebagai perusahaan lokal, kelebihannya adalah:
1. Cepat: Dalam waktu 8-14 hari kerja buku yang dipesan akan tiba di alamat Anda
2. Kurir lokal dengan nomor lacak sehingga Anda tidak perlu kuatir akan buku hilang → “zero missing books guarantee”
3. Dekat: kantor lokalnya di Jakarta siap melayani anda lewat email dan telepon.

Sounds like something you might dig? Well, if you are interested in nabbing one of the e-vouchers, you need to send a message to OpenTrolley Bookstore's Goodreads account using the following format:
SUBJECT: Voucher 20 Ribu
BODY: •Name:
•Favorite book:

Easy, right?
OK, so this is how it works:
• The first 250 members to send their messages to OpenTrolley Bookstore will receive a voucher worth IDR. 20,000 valid for purchasing books at their online store with no minimum spending.
• The next 250 members to send their messages will also receive a voucher worth IDR. 20,000 but must spend at least IDR. 100,000 in order for the voucher to be valid.
• As for the rest, all will still receive the IDR. 20,000 voucher but must spend at least IDR. 200,000 in order for the voucher to be valid.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your voucher right now!

Terms & Conditions:
• Voucher can only be used once
• Voucher valid till 31st May 2013
• Only valid for books that are In-stock and Low-stock
• This offer is only valid for certain cities. Check to see if yours is included.

We hope this announcement brings a smile upon all your faces!
And for those who are unfortunately not eligible for this goodie, don’t be too upset. There’ll be plenty more later. Keep an eye out!

*To be eligible you must:
Have at least 20 books on your Goodreads shelf.
• Be a member of Indonesians Who Love English Books since before 2013.

1. Have at least 10 books on Goodreads shelf.
2. Be a member of Indonesians Who Love English Books since before March 2013.

Kiki Rizky Agustina | 7 comments I'm in. Only need to mention one book, am I right?
Sent sent :)

message 3: by Mikochin (new)

Mikochin | 8 comments I'm interested! And sent one in already.
Thanks :)

message 4: by Rachel, First Lady (new)

Rachel (rachelhadeli) | 698 comments Mod
Yes, you only need to mention one book. Enjoy the voucher, guys! :)

message 5: by rosianna (new)

rosianna (rosiannas) | 2 comments Mine's sent!

message 6: by Reza, The Curator (new)

Reza | 467 comments Mod
Yes, it's easy peasy. Grab it now!

OpenTrolley Bookstore | 7 comments Thank you guys for participating!

For those who haven't send the message, do please send us your message and please check the term and condition above :D

Have a great time, readers!

message 8: by Dini (new)

Dini | 107 comments Thanks for posting this! I just got my voucher. :)

message 9: by 3clair (new)

3clair | 37 comments I sent the message yesterday :)

message 10: by Lulu (new)

Lulu Zakia (LuluZakia) | 5 comments Sent the message! The first ID giveaway I joined in here :D thank you so much!

message 11: by Asrina (new)

Asrina Maharani (asnwords) | 1 comments sent yah!

message 12: by Ratri (new)

Ratri Anugrah (ratrianugrah) | 12 comments when is the announcement?

message 13: by Reza, The Curator (new)

Reza | 467 comments Mod
@Ratri: what annoucement? If you are (1) eligible and (2) send your message to OpenTrolley's goodreads account, I don't see any reason why you won't get your voucher. Though they might only process your voucher requests during weekdays, just be patient.

message 14: by Darnia (new)

Darnia | 38 comments just sent the message and now I'm waiting for my voucher to come ;)

message 15: by Namida (new)

Namida Puti (puti) | 95 comments Just sent.. *wink

OpenTrolley Bookstore | 7 comments Hello readers, just sent your voucher. Please check your Goodreads inbox :)

Go tell your other friends and let them enjoy OpenTrolley FREE voucher too!

message 17: by Ellen (new)

Ellen Isabella (el_len7887) | 18 comments Sent too :)

message 18: by Klaudiani (new)

Klaudiani (dian_k) | 5 comments Got mine. Thanks a lot!

message 19: by Lala Sampurno (new)

Lala Sampurno | 19 comments hm.. not eligible. just joined this group in april. hiks.

OpenTrolley Bookstore | 7 comments Hello guys,

It is May already, have you grabbed your e-voucher yet from us? If not, go send us an email (you can see the thread above).

For those who had sent us, tell your friends in Indonesians Who Love English Books community to grab it! Spread and share the goodness of reading book with great price!

The voucher will expired soon at the end of May!!

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