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Ryker I didn't really get why when see wanted to run away with gale she didn't want to rebel with him. Or why gale just didn't give up and run away.

Neha Running away isn't as easy as it is thought to be. Collins isn't a fantasy writer, she just makes us imagine a world with 'real life-type' people and not the people who can't be any real in real life (yes, even those fashion weirdos of capitol are like real life people, just their style changed). Gale is not just a rebel, he's also a very very good planner, and a hunter too. He could've run away easily, live on his own and he would know where exactly to go cause he knows where the peacekeepers would find him most likely. But he considers all of his options, he's not just one of the 'dreamers'. He couldn't just leave his family, and taking his family would've include so many risks. Plus he loved Katniss so he wasn't going to leave her in the D12. Katniss doesn't want to cause she couldn't risk her family in the woods as well. Also, she didn't hate capitol much (not before she participated in 74th hunger games), she just used to mock them. Atleast they were getting good food while being in the district, of they would run a lot of things would be at risk. Thats why she didn't run away!

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