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Nora/ Soren

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Maria Costantino The Siren What a book I can't wait too read the rest. Even More shock he is a Priest and she went back too him what was she think going back too him.

Sandy I loved the series!

Maria Costantino Me too once of the best ones out there.

Sonia Napoleoni-Henriquez Just got to book 2 The Angel The Angel
EVEN BETTER! The story gets crazier, sexier, and hotter!

Maria Costantino Just download it going it soon..

Paula I remember thinking why did Nora go back to Soren?? Now i'm finished The Prince I know why, just love him!!!!!

Happy reading, fab series, it just gets better and better ;))

Kelly I just finished The Siren last night and it was great. I was kind of shocked Nora went back to Soren but was more shocked when I found out he was a was both funny and a great twist in the story line. I'm looking forward to the other books in the series. I guess love makes us do crazy things???

Maria Costantino I know that was a shock too me. Who would of thought he was a priest..

Mona completely in love. I can't wait for the fourth book

Lyserg The siren is far superior than most erotic novels, i found it an exceptional read. Soren is a fantastic character and Nora is hilarious! I feel like I know the characters personally which is errr a bit weird :-/

BooksSaveMe In love with Soren - he keeps getting better and better

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Kelly I really need more hours in my a day (who needs a job or sleep???) or a shorter "to be read list". I have only read Siren so far but looking forward to the rest of the series!!!

Maria Costantino I know if I don't read something I get bored got have books. Can't wait to read rest of the series!!!

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