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Cartell to Suggest kindle editions

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Joseph “Millennium Man” (millenniumman) Anyone wish there was a kindle version of a book on amazon and follow the link to tell the publisher that you want a kindle version?

(I am waiting for kindle version of Charlotte's Web to appear.) If we list the books we would like, and We as a group request them, I would think there would be a better chance of getting a result.

Does this sound like an idea?

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Is it up to the author or the publisher if it is put out on Kindle?

Joseph “Millennium Man” (millenniumman) I don't know.

When I open the book's information page, Amazon has a sidebar that says something like; "not on kindle? click here to tell the publisher you want to read this book on your kindle"

I guess legally it would need be agreed upon between the author and publisher.

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