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Recycling books

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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Schneider What do you do with books after you have read them? First thing, I enter the title and author in my "book of books". I belong to paperbackswap.com which is a great way to share. They don't allow trading of advance copy editions, however, which means the some of the goodread giveaways aren't eligible. A local bank collects books for military service members. I have donated to the county library and to my grandkid's school. The thing I am least likely to do is keep a book just to have it. What about you?

message 2: by Dena (new)

Dena Kaye I have very few books.I usually will have a holds list going at the library.I may have to wait for a certain book,and i dont know which one will be available first to read,but using the library avoids having to worry about how i will get rid of them.Id give them to friends of the library before selling them back to half price books.Ill give them away.I sent the hobbitt to afghanistan to my son in law.I gave Where the lilies bloom to an aunt.While a big beautiful library of my own would be a dream its just never gonna happen.I need the space for more important things than books ill never re read.

QueenAmidala28 I used to have a library full of books that I amassed since high schools (thus over 20 years). These range from science textbooks to paperback/hardback fiction. Unfortunately, since grad school I haven't had time to go through books like I used to and therefore I started borrowing books and e-books through the library. I also move a lot so to cut back on moving expenses (lots of boxes equal more money) I donated most of my collections to the local library and resold most of my textbooks to Amazon.com. Right now I still have a few fiction titles in hardback that are favs and books that have been given to me that hold a special place in my heart. If I DO buy a book, I will purchase a USED copy for under $5.

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